4 Reasons to Advertise with Vehicle Wraps

In a very tough economy where the difference between success and total failure can be razor thin, making customers and clients aware of a business’s products and services is vitally important. This is no different for a large, medium or small business. Unfortunately, most people have become used to being bombarded with advertisements constantly on TV, on the Internet, in print and so on. Most of the old advertising standbys are simply not as effective as they once were.         […]

Car Wraps – Everything You Need to Know

Have you heard about people who do nothing but drive all day and earn money? Some of them even get a brand new car for free. These people simply drive like they usually do. They don’t even have to pick up passengers to be paid. They make money with car wraps. Vehicle wraps are another form of advertising. This is done by partially or completely covering a vehicle with ads. It works like a moving billboard. These vehicles are often painted. Nowadays, the use of large vinyl sheets is becoming more common.  This is because it is easier to use and remove this material.   […]

Why Vehicle Wraps Are Smart Advertising Strategies

One relatively new form of advertising that has been gaining steam over the years is something referred to as vehicle wraps. Car wraps are created using a vinyl material that can be printed on with a design loaded from a computer. These vinyl car graphics can then be “wrapped” around a car or truck. The wrap is so tight it appears as a second paint job on the car.   […]

The Top 8 Benefits of Using Vehicle Wraps

Outdoor advertising is known to be a very effective part of the marketing mix and utilizing vehicle wraps in a company’s outdoor marketing strategy is a very easy way to increase brand exposure. Here are the top 8 benefits of using a vehicle wraps:     […]

Car Wraps – First Essential for Mobile Business Marketing Strategy

Mobile businesses sprang into the 100,000s since the financial crisis of 2008. Now, small business owners with mobile companies are investing in car wraps to keep moving. With little time to discuss your company’s offers, a car wrap can provide information for passersby’s without saying a word. Your car wrap can do the talking for you while you focus on building your business.     […]

5 Tips for Using Vehicle Fleet Graphics for Business Promotion

Marketing and advertising is all about prompting potential customers to visit your company location or website. In today’s economy, every effort you make to promote your business should be made with the intention of making potential customers aware of your products and services. With a little bit of creative thinking and the use of large scale graphics, you can find ways to create high-visibility marketing activities that will create a buzz about your business and increase sales.     […]

Car Graphics – How to Stand Out Without Breaking The Bank

Vinyl car graphics make your vehicle stand out, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You love your car, as do we all. You don’t even need to be in the car showing circuit to feel pride from turning heads. It’s always nice to be noticed, and wonderful to have a car that isn’t like everyone else’s. But how do you get that? A custom paint job is one way to make your car unique, and there are some wonderful artists that can work miracles. But depending on what you’re looking for, a paint job can run you upwards of $5,000 and hundreds of hours of time. […]

Three Ways to Advertise Your Business with Vinyl Wraps

Many businesses are looking for new ways to advertise. When there is a lot of competition in a market, it can be very hard to even let consumers know you exist. For this reason, businesses need to use advertising strategies that will get noticed. One such method is to use cut vinyl decals. Below is a list of the top three ways you can use vinyl graphics to advertise your business. 1. Vehicle Wraps Often, advertising is temporary. You pay for an ad for a single edition of a newspaper. You may also pay for a radio ad that will only play a set number of times. However, you can use cut vinyl decals to advertise your business for a much longer period of time.   […]

Vehicle Wraps: Five Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know

Vehicle wraps are the huge graphics decorating the cars, buses and even subways you’ve seen around. Typically used for advertising, they’re everywhere, but not a lot of people know exactly what they are. Here are some things you’ve probably been wondering about vehicle wraps. 1. What exactly is a vehicle wrap? A vehicle wrap is a large (or enormous) sheet of vinyl on which a graphic has been printed. It can be attached as a decal to most vehicles, especially those with large, flat surfaces, typically for advertising purposes.   […]

Great Printing and Vinyl Advertising Strategies for Businesses

Advertising is vitally important to every business. It can make the difference between becoming a long-term success with a loyal customer base and going out of business shortly after opening. Advertising is also something that over time has become overdone. This has caused once successful advertising strategies to become a lot less effective than they once were. One solution is to implement some more original advertising methods now available from different print shops. These can allow you to get an edge on your competition simply from the fact it is unlikely that as many of your competitors are using such techniques. Below are a top three. […]

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