Prevent Residue on Wraps

Vehicle Wraps and Car Wraps  Prevent Residue on Wraps You [...]

Are You Using Vehicle Wraps for Free Branding Opportunities?

Large format printing goes almost anywhere today. Thanks to new techniques, enhanced technology and increased choice of materials, large format printing can be used to wrap buildings, create custom wall murals, splash a logo on a floor or even wrap an airplane. Brand building marketers strive to place big-company logos at every point where an interested audience might see them. Large format printing allows small companies to do the same, and do it affordably.       […]

Are You Using Vehicle Wraps for Free Branding Opportunities?

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Wrapping Vehicles: Make Your Marketing Mobile with Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps put your company’s name where people are. Large format printing produces vinyl car graphics that are eye catching and attractive. Best of all, the visual effect is mobile. Travel time becomes marketing time. When calling on clients or performing a service on site, parking in a conspicuous area puts your company’s name in the view of passersby.       […]

Personalize Your Car: Install Car Graphics

Picking car graphics to install on your vehicle can either add some personal flair to your ride or even let you make some money depending on what you choose. Decals come in all different shapes and colors, but you will need to follow the same techniques for preparation and installation. By following a few simple steps, you can ensure the end result of your application looks like a professional job.       […]

8 Common Graphic Design Mistakes that Should be Avoided

Graphic design is constantly in demand from different kinds of clients. Companies that offer this service need to keep up with the growing need while staying on top of technological trends. Printed graphic design is expected to look as beautiful as digital graphic designs with technology’s help. However, many graphic designers make mistakes that result in low quality prints. The following are the most common simple mistakes that designers miss.       […]

Fleet Wraps – Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Fleet wraps are great for catching people’s attention while on the road. Unlike building wraps, this type of advertising gains more exposure as it does not stay in one place. In addition, it is cost-effective, and it provides more benefits than large format printing. Basically, these car wrap installations are designed to promote brand awareness. However, not all vehicle wraps are created equal. Mistakes often lead to either decreased decal longevity or loss of efficiency in the advertising medium. The following are common car wrap mistakes that advertisers and owners should avoid.     […]

Messages on the Go: The Top Reasons to Use Vehicle Graphics

When most people think of advertising to consumers on congested highways and city streets, they think of conventional things like billboards, small fliers, and ads on the side of mass transit vehicles. While those things are all rather effective, and pretty easy to pursue, they’re increasingly being outdone by full vehicle wraps that take a message mobile and send it into areas where it can be most effective. This unconventional method of advertising opens up great new possibilities for businesses, and there are several reasons to consider it instead of traditional billboards or banners.       […]

Vehicle Graphics – 7 Reasons to Bring Vehicle Graphics into Your Marketing Plan

Marketing is essential for getting your business to stand out. You want people to see your business, see what it is about, and know how to contact you. Garnering as much attention as possible is key in local marketing campaigns. One option more and more businesses are choosing is vehicle graphics. Vehicle graphics are, quite simply, the graphics and lettering you can put on any vehicle to advertise your business. There are a couple of ways to do it. First, you could have a completely custom paint job done to the vehicle for $4000 to $5000.     […]

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Wraps

One new and exciting source of advertising successfully utilized by many big businesses is the vinyl car wrap. However, despite the growing popularity of vehicle wraps, many business owners may still have questions regarding car wraps and how they work. To help, below are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about automobile wraps. What Is a Car Wrap? Car wrapping is a method of decorating a vehicle with a thin vinyl material with an adhesive underbelly.   […]