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Rub-on Transfers are the Answer!

Rub-on transfers offer many advantages over other adhesive methods. Their appearance is smooth, clean, and very professional. The dry rub-on transfer decal is a product that can be adapted to any type of decoration. It also gives an added value to your product.

Our rub-on transfers are high-performance products with excellent longevity and exceptional resistance. Besides, they’re very easy to apply. You can achieve a result of impeccable quality–without having to wait for hours.

Rubdown Color Transfer Logos & Text

Rub-on Transfers

A rub-on transfer is an imprint of an image, text, logo, or directional figures on a translucent sheet. The back of the design has a layer of adhesive. It allows you to transfer the visual from the translucent sheet to another surface. To do this, apply light pressure by rubbing on the surface of the transfer.

You can use this technique on most surfaces as long as they’re free of dust, grease, and oil. The dry transfer can adapt to any type of support, whether it’s smooth, curved, or grained. You must apply it on a clean and dry surface that has been well cleaned with a little rubbing alcohol. It has excellent resistance to:

  • Heat
  • Abrasion
  • Weather
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Solvents
  • Oils
  • Water
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Chemical products
  • Detergents

At Cliff Digital, the transferred design looks like it was printed directly on the object.

How do Dry Rub-on Transfers Work?

Rub-on transfers are also called “dry.” This is because they don’t need liquids for their application. This is how it differs from water-based decals or heat transfers.

The dry decal is usually printed on the top in a mirror effect. This is to respect the original meaning of the texts and numbers. It’s a method of painting portraits and landscapes on colored inkjet paper.

Think of dry rub transfers as mini banners that come in many sizes. But the overall effect is that unlike a big banner, the end result looks professionally painted on.

This method uses sublimation ink. The paper is then heated to a certain temperature. It’s done with the help of transfer printing equipment. The latter allows the image of the paper to be well printed on objects. You can apply these transfers to various materials and surfaces such as:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Wall panels
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
A person using scissors to cut out rub transfers from paper at a table.

Cliff Digital offers rub-on decals in different colors according to different customer requirements. With this advanced technology method, you can apply transparent colors to a transparent PVA film. It will easily and permanently adhere to different materials.

Rub-on Transfers Look Professional!

Are you working on a large project? Does it need lettering or graphic details to be pasted onto an object? Cliff Digital’s dry transfers offer astonishing results. They’re as precise as those of industrial, ready-made products.

You’ll be amazed at the incomparable quality of our transfers. You’ll also love their flexibility and ease of adaptation to the needs of each of our customers. The ease of application makes them a preferred choice:

  • For those who have never used this method
  • For the most demanding industrial designers

At Cliff Digital, we have provided dry transfers to a wide variety of customers. With our professional quality products, we’re able to meet the needs of both commercial filmmakers and museum curators. And always with efficient customer service and quick turnaround and delivery.

Benefits of Rub-on Transfers

Dry transfer decals have many advantages over other adhesion techniques. Air bubbles are one of the first things to point out. Compared to self-adhesive decals, rub-on transfer decals don’t trap air.

There’s no need to smooth them out to get a better look. It’s already flawless when you lay it down. They’re evenly spread out and totally flat. They simply need to be firmly fixed in place with a burnishing tool.

This advantage is even more important for smaller letters and more specific items. Its precise application is unmatched. Dry transfers have a semi-permanent nature when applied. To make them more durable, you can paint a varnish topcoat over it.

The Qualities to Look for in a Dry Rub Transfer

A rub-on transfer shouldn’t be transparent but rather opaque. This is because it allows you to apply it to any color surface. It doesn’t change the color of the design itself. With a transparent yellow transfer applied to a black surface, the bottom surface is visible through the transfer. The yellow image of the friction transfer then becomes almost black.

The greatest quality of this method is the lack of a white or transparent border around the image. The resolution of the image or text is of the highest quality, which guarantees a perfect finish. Unlike a label, this is a transfer where only the image is applied. So you don’t have to cut or adjust your design. You can apply it directly to the surface of your choice.

At Cliff Digital, custom dry transfers meet all these criteria. They also offer many other features. These help to produce quality transfers for your specific needs and projects. The visual appears so natural that it looks like it’s printed directly on the surface.

Dry Transfers Display Your Design Without a Single Back-Mark

The only thing that goes on your substrate when applying a dry transfer decal is the lettering or visual element you choose to apply. Nothing else. Edges are perfectly clean and precise. Proportions are respected. No stretching or bubbles are created during the application.

Its final finished look is achieved as soon as the dry transfer is applied. Self-adhesive decals often need partial trimming. You’ll get exactly the look you want. The lettering or image transfer will be ready to be applied without any extra steps.

If you want to use our products for high-end projects and objects, have no fear. We offer unparalleled quality that will look like the finished piece.

A Method that Works with All Types of Designs

The dry transfer is suitable for the decoration of various and varied products. It’s appropriate for all fields of application. It allows you to identify your projects and to perpetuate your brand.

At Cliff Digital, we have the ability to produce prints in any color, as well as metallic prints and films. You can always count on a team of knowledgeable professionals. They’ll answer all your questions about custom rub-on transfers. Also, contact us if you’re planning to use them for the first time and would like some guidance in your choices.

Cliff Digital has unparalleled experience. We have many years of service in a wide variety of industries. Our clients range from large global corporations to design retailers to DIY enthusiasts. This method is becoming increasingly known and appreciated.

As a result, there is a growing demand for custom dry transfers for unique objects and projects. Is this something you might be interested in? Contact us for more information about our products and services.

Rub-on Transfers Will Meet Your Tight Deadlines

You can count on Cliff Digital to produce custom dry rub-on decals even on short notice. No matter what surface you want to transfer your visual to. You’ll get an accurate and professional rendering. And this within hours from the moment you order!

Our method surpasses all others. Coupled with the expertise of our technicians, it’ll give you the perfect finishing touch to your project. Order now!

Cliff Digital: Custom Made and Easy to Order

Do you need to transfer one custom dry transfer or many different ones? Cliff Digital offers you a wide selection of sheet sizes. Cliff Digital’s dry transfers have no clear edges and leave no residue. No matter which option you choose. Once transferred, they adhere to the surface as if they were printed on.

Our dry transfers are available in all colors, including:

  • Pantone exact color matches
  • Metallic colors
  • Hot stamping foils
  • Pearlescent colors
  • Fluorescent colors
  • Pastel colors
  • Custom color matches

Artists, designers, modelers, manufacturers, and amateurs will find the solution they need here. Discover all the offers available on Cliff Digital. Order what will embellish your object according to your tastes and needs.

If you would like to place an order or get an estimate, please visit our online store