Color Transfers (also called rub-on transfers, Letraset Lettering, Chromatec and Chartpak) have come a long way baby from traditional Letraset lettering for a variety of uses in your art or work projects. No idea how to use a color transfer (or rub-on transfer)? Click here for a quick video tutorial on applying color transfers
Also called color transfers, Chrometec, INTs and run-on transfers.

Rub on transfers are great for temporary signage.

 Color Transfers for Restoring and Replicas

If you are desperately looking to restore or make replicas of specialty car and aircraft parts such as speedometers and gauges, Color Transfers can make it possible to recreate the details on these parts (such as the speedometer pictured below). Color Transfers (rub-on transfers) are used to restore pianos and organs. Color Transfers (rub-on transfers) are also currently used to recreate or make replicas of movie props!


Make a speedometer replica with color transfers!

Color Transfers can make speedometer replicas.

Color Transfers for Projects and Hobbies

Color Transfers can also produce high quality guitar graphics, personalize other musical instruments and sports equipment like skateboards! Color Transfers (rub-on transfers) are used to make custom graphics for model makers and toy manufacturers. Color Transfers (rub-on transfers) are commonly used by students (especially graphic design and art students) to give them that professional flair to their projects, but now Color Transfers (rub-on transfers) are now becoming ever popular with hobbyists, specifically scrapbooking.

Create durable detail on sports and music equipment.

Color Transfers make your boards not boring.

 Color Transfers for Museums, Exhibits and Events

Color Transfers (rub-on transfers) are great if you need temporary but high quality signage. Color Transfers (rub-on transfers) are used by museums and centers to create custom quality exhibits. Color Transfers (rub-on transfers) can also give you the ability to fully personalize your wedding, anniversary or shower accessories and other events.

Product Comps and Prototype Packaging

Color Transfers (rub-on transfers) have been used for decades in businesses throughout the entire planning stage of new products (prototype product packaging) for a photo shoot, presentation, exhibit, and custom packaging. We can even turn make larger versions of products to make props for TV, movies and event props!


Make great personalized gifts!

Color transfers are available in many colors and foil!