One relatively new form of advertising that has been gaining steam over the years is something referred to as vehicle wraps. Car wraps are created using a vinyl material that can be printed on with a design loaded from a computer. These vinyl car graphics can then be “wrapped” around a car or truck. The wrap is so tight it appears as a second paint job on the car.


There are many reasons why a business may choose to implement an advertising strategy involving vinyl car graphics. Below are just a few of the reasons why it may be a good choice for many different companies.


The problem with lots of advertising methods is that the companies advertising their products or services have little control over who sees that advertising. While you may assume that the readers of a newspaper may see an ad placed in that paper, they are often simply ignored when a reader goes for the sports section or the film reviews.

This is even worse when it comes to things like posters that can only be placed in a single location. This is not the case for vinyl car graphics. Vehicles with vinyl wraps can be driven to anywhere consumers may be. This gives a company better control over exactly who will see its advertising.

It also allows for significant flexibility. If advertising in one area is not producing very many sales, the car can simply be driven to somewhere else. The only added cost will be the price of gas.


One of the greatest things about vinyl wraps is the fact they implement cutting edge printing technologies. This means being able to print images onto car wraps with a nearly limitless number of different color combinations. It also means being able to print designs that are very high resolution.

Thanks to this new technology, this means practically any design, photo, image, color combination and font can be added to the advertising on a vehicle. It simply has to be designed on a computer beforehand and then sent to the vinyl printing jets.


The effectiveness of vehicle wraps is in part due to their novelty. Consumers simply do not pay attention to most forms of advertising because they see them every single day. If you have seen a few hundred thousand commercials, odds are you’re not going to be surprised that a new one is on TV.

This is not the case for vehicle wraps. Most consumers rarely see such advertisements that look like they were literally added to a car’s paint job. When they do see such an advertisement, chances are they’re going to take a good look out of curiosity. This means a higher retention rate of what actual product or service was being advertised by that vehicle.