vinyl graphicsWhen you are looking for a way to decorate the walls of your home without the permanence attached to painting or stenciling, one option that is available to you is vinyl decor. Vinyl wall graphics are designed specifically to be added and removed at will. What this means is that you can easily customize and re-customize a room whenever and however it suits you to do so.



Vinyl Decor Options

The greatest benefit of wall graphics made from vinyl is that they come in an endless variety of different shapes and styles. If there is a specific look that you are looking to create in a room, you can either find pre-made vinyl decor or you can create your own by buying the vinyl sheets and cutting your own designs. You will be hard pressed to come up with a design that is not already available, especially if you are looking for a themed look with many different coordinating shapes.

* Themed vinyl wall graphics are easy to come by. They typically include numerous color coordinated pieces that you can apply to the walls as desired. As an example, you might find a sports set intended for a boy’s bedroom or bathroom with basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, nets, goals, baseball bats, bases, players and sports-themed words that you can apply to the walls to suit your needs.

* You can purchase vinyl decor sheets with a variety of different letters if you want to create your own words or phrases, or you can buy pre-made sayings if there is a specific phrase you want to add to a wall. If you want to add decor to a room without taking on a specific theme, letters are a good way to go.

* Vinyl decor graphics are designed in such a way that you can easily apply them to the walls, then remove them when you are done. This adds a number of benefits to your wall decor. First and foremost, you can position and re-position the wall decals as you see fit if you are dissatisfied with the first application. Secondly, when you want to change the decor style for a room, you can easily remove the decals and put them away for another day.

* You can buy vinyl decal sheets and create your own images as well. Buy sheets in all the colors that you made need, trace your own designs onto the paper backing, then cut the designs out to suit your needs. This is beneficial whether you want to create your own theme from scratch or simply want to supplement additional pieces for a theme that you are already using.

Using Vinyl Wall Decals

1. If you are applying letter decals, make sure to use a straight edge or a level to ensure that the placement is straight and level. Some letter decals are connected so that an entire word is only a single decal, while other word sets have to be applied letter by letter. Make sure that you know which style you are buying to best utilize the letters available to you.

2. If you are applying a lot of decals to create a theme, place the largest decals first, then use the smaller decals as accents. For example, if applying a moon and stars to a wall, place the largest stars and moon first, then apply the smaller stars afterwards to create a coordinating look.

3. Eye the finished design from afar to determine whether or not you are satisfied with the finished product. The benefit of vinyl decor decals is that you can easily remove and replace the individual elements until you are completely satisfied with the finished product. It may help to work with a second person who can give advice on placement while you are applying the graphics to the wall.

4. Make sure to keep your vinyl decals clean and maintain them properly. You can easily wipe them down using a wet paper towel or rag. Your wall decals are going to look their best when they are clean and dry. Keeping your vinyl decals clean is going to lengthen their lifespan, allowing you to utilize them for fun and dynamic home decor for many years to come.

There is a lot that you can do with vinyl wall decals if you are trying to update the decor in your home. Adding unique images, themes and words to your walls is a great way to tie in the theme for a room in order to complete the look that you are creating.