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Rubdown Color Transfers/Dry Transfer Lettering aka Chromatechs & Letraset


Our Rubdown Color Transfer Lettering Department

Cliff Digital has over 40 years of experience producing rubdown color transfers (aka Letraset transfers and Chromatech). Cliff Digital’s custom rubdown color transfers are exceptionally clear, durable, and applies easily to wood, metal, glass and plastic, and much more.

We create rubdown color transfers and custom dry transfer letters with exceptional visual quality, enhanced durability and smooth application. We can create your rubdown color transfers in opaque or transparent colors, glossy or satin, foils, metallics, and even fluorescents. We also supply traditional rub-on lettering in a wide range of colors to transfer to many surfaces with any shape. Click here to learn more about colors, pricing and ordering rubdown color transfers from Cliff Digital.


What are Rubdown Color/Dry Lettering Transfers?

A rubdown color or rub-on transfer is a special ink applied to an INT substrate (transfer paper) that can be rubbed off to transfer the image onto most surfaces including as wood, metal, and plastic. Rubdown color transfers (rub-on transfers) are typically used for logos and lettering because they produce a highly detailed lettering and image that appears painted on or directly printed on a surface.

Rubdown color transfers (rub-on transfers) give you or your company that high quality look instead of a stuck-on printed label. Rubdown color transfers (rub-on transfers) are also used because of their ability to conform to shapes easier and produce extremely small details and lettering clearly. Click here to learn how easy it is to apply Cliff Digital Rubdown Color Transfers and Letraset lettering.

Examples of Rub Down Color Transfer Applications



Letraset Lettering and Chartpak Lettering

Letraset lettering is now more commonly called Rubdown color transfers, dry transfers, rubdowns, rub-ons and INTs. They are now also know as: Dry transfer lettering, Transfer lettering, Museum label dry transfers & Art gallery wall labels. Prior to the formation of the company with the same name, Letraset and Chartpak transfers are still the standard requirement for graphic design students looking to create professional lettering with a simple transfer application. Letraset lettering and Chartpak lettering are perfect for exhibit signage and package prototypes!

There are still great benefits to using Letraset lettering to create packaging comps, labels, stationery, scrapbooking projects and many products. Click here to learn more about Letraset and Rubdown color transfers.


Cliff Digital Rubdown Color Transfer Uses

At Cliff Digital, we use technology similar to the rubdown color transfer brand Chromatec which referred to the rubdown color transfers specifically used for creating comps, props and packaging.

We can transfer logos and graphic designs from a graphic design program to a paper or synthetic medium for use in signage, packaging, product prototypes and comps. Some clients use them for banner prototypes for hundreds of different banner sizes. But they’re not suitable for production of large runs of banners.

Rubdown Color Transfers are also used on props, labels, models, jars, cans, bottles, tubes and even to create speedometers, gauges for auto and aircraft restoration. Click here to get Rubdown color transfer ideas!

If you would like to place an order or get an estimate, please visit our online store