Marketing and advertising is all about prompting potential customers to visit your company location or website. In today’s economy, every effort you make to promote your business should be made with the intention of making potential customers aware of your products and services.

With a little bit of creative thinking and the use of large scale graphics, you can find ways to create high-visibility marketing activities that will create a buzz about your business and increase sales.



Tip #1 – Use Car Graphics

If your business is largely dependent on local customers, you need to take actions that will draw the attention of potential customers. One method is to use car graphics and car wraps. These are large scale graphic design decals that are printed for your specific needs. A skilled graphic printer is able to create and manufacture wonderful car wraps that integrate your company logo and basic information about your company and products.

Tip #2 – Advertise Your Products

One approach to wrapping vehicles is to advertise specific products. You can use your fleet of business vehicles to highlight products you are currently promoting with cut vinyl decals. Cut vinyl decals and car wraps are wonderful advertising products. They do not require any permanent paint and can be changed as frequently as you want without damaging your car.

Tip #3 – Use Seasonal Promotions

Since you can change vinyl car decals and car wraps frequently, you can also use them for seasonal promotions. If you have products that are associated with specific holidays, use that information and have a car decal design that integrates holiday images with your products. If there are seasons associated with your services, make sure to integrate that information into your car decal design. For example, if you sell homeowners insurance, have a car wrap designed that integrates images of storms and contact information for claims.

Tip #4 – Use Both Your Vehicle and Decals for Advertising

One method of advertising and marketing is to have a cohesive design for your vehicles. Many companies have a set standard vehicle associated with their company. For example, Peapod, which is a grocery home delivery company, has lime green VW Bugs as their company vehicle. These vehicles are covered with a car wrap that advertises their services and special product promotions. If you need several vehicles for your business, consider using a similar approach so that when potential customers see someone driving in a company car, there is automatic business and product recognition.

Tip #5 – Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Marketing is all about creating public awareness of your products and services. By using large scale graphics on your vehicles, you take advantage of the fact that a car is a large object that is easily noticed on the road. Even if you do not want to apply a car wrap to your cars, consider advertising on your cars with magnetic signs.

Advertising using vehicle decals can be a very simple and easy process. You do not need to alter the paint on your car in any way and they are easy to change. Car warps and magnetic signs are a simple way to draw attention to your business, services and products.