vehicle wrap installationIn a very tough economy where the difference between success and total failure can be razor thin, making customers and clients aware of a business’s products and services is vitally important. This is no different for a large, medium or small business.

Unfortunately, most people have become used to being bombarded with advertisements constantly on TV, on the Internet, in print and so on. Most of the old advertising standbys are simply not as effective as they once were.





Thankfully, there is one option provided by digital printing companies that still packs some punch. This is the use of vinyl car graphics. These are usually installed on cars as “vehicle wraps.” Below are just some of the benefits to using a car wrap to advertise your business.

1. Sleek Design

Vinyl car wraps, unlike what one may assume due to the name, are very sleek and stylish when applied to an automobile. This is due to how the vinyl compound works. When applied, it fits the form of any vehicle perfectly. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sports car, an SUV, a Mini Cooper or a monster truck. It will cover every curve of the automobile’s body perfectly.

Due to how vinyl wraps fit tightly, they create a kind of illusion. Onlookers won’t simply see advertisements plastered on to the side of a car. Instead, they may assume that the car’s paintjob has been redone with the advertisement itself. This can cause people to take notice. This in turn can more easily get the word out about your business.

2. Customizability

Another great thing about vinyl wraps is that the level of customization possible with them is simply enormous. This is due to the advanced digital printing technology that is used to add designs to a vinyl wrap before it is applied to the body of an automobile.

Before the wrap is printed, it must be designed on a computer. During this stage of the wrap’s production, literally any kind of photo, graphic, color or font can be added to the design. The design can also be created in a very high resolution. This means very detailed images will be added to the design in life-like quality and sharpness.

This level of customizability is simply not available with other options for adding advertising to an automobile. For example, someone hired to paint a design on the side of van simply can not add as much complexity and detail to the design as the computer program used to create a vinyl wrap. It is simply not feasible due to the limitations of the human eyes and hands.

3. Portability

Another great benefit of using an auto wrap is the great portability of wrapped vehicles. The lack of portability is one of the biggest problems with many forms of advertising. For example, a company can purchase billboard space. However, if the targeted customers do not drive by that billboard, nothing can be done about it. It is a fixed cost that can’t be changed.

This is not the case with a car wrap. If using the wrap in one area seems ineffective in reaching that company’s targeted customers, the car can be simply driven to somewhere else. This allows a great deal of flexibility that simply does not exist with most other forms of advertising.

4. Novelty

Lastly, car wraps and other vehicle wraps are still very novel. They are not widely used by most companies. This is certainly not the case with TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and Internet advertising. Customers are extremely used to those kinds of ads. Due to this fact, they more easily ignore them.

This is simply not the case with auto wraps. Very few companies use vinyl wraps to advertise their products and services. Because of this, would be customers are likely to still be impressed by vinyl car graphics. If they see a car, bus, SUV or other vehicle with vinyl wrap advertising, they are likely to take immediate notice. This means that company’s message about its products or services is more likely to be retained by those people.

Due to the very few number of companies that implement vinyl car graphics, customers are also likely to know far less about how they are installed. This may leave some to assume that the detailed and colorful graphics were painted directly onto a vehicle. The perception of such a costly investment having been made to simply advertise a product or service may come off as extremely impressive to many people.