Product Packaging

The Cliff Comps Difference

Cliff Digital of Los Angeles has been providing packaging comps to marketing and design firms, major corporations, businesses and individuals for more than 40 years.

Additionally, many companies have enhanced their brands and brought their new products on-line using our wide selection of PMS colors, metallics, foils, pearlescents and fluorescents. Our customers get Cliff Digital quality necessary to promote their branding with prototype packaging or product comps. Click here to order a product comp or package prototype.

Exact Product Reproductions

Your packaging comp will only be as good as the quality of the reproduction and getting the color correct and at Cliff Digital of Los Angeles, our expert color technicians can match the color of your product comp, unlike copier or laser generated prints.

In addition to being able to produce your products or labels in any PMS color or with any number or combination of PMS colors, we can also add foils, textures, varnishes, metallics, pearlescents, fluorescents, embossing, and so much more. We can also produce larger product packaging replicas for hero photography props.

New Prototype Product Enhancement

Cliff Digital of Los Angelescan produce exceptional product comps or package prototypes from blanks (or scratch) or just enhance your existing product with a new design or an effect. Even with custom window clings.

Through our proofing process, we direct proof to shrink film. This film can be shrunk around glass bottles, plastic contoured bottles, aluminum and metal cans and many other products because it ability to conform to contours. We can also apply a tint to frosted or clear glass jars, bottles, etc.

New Prototype Creation

The experts here at Cliff Digital can work with you to create a whole new product design from scratch or a high quality product comp label. We have many processes and mediums to choose from: digital printing, vinyl, film, color transfers, shrinkwrap, printing, glass tinting, glass frosting, and embossing. We even have the best window decals in Los Angeles.

We can also get your product shelf ready by filling and sealing actual product inside. Perfect for product mockups, hero photoshoots and realistic product movie props.

Uses for Product Comps

  • Design Demonstration and Presentation
  • Branding
  • Launch Prototyping
  • Hero Photography Props
  • Movie and Commercial Props
  • Exhibit or Trade Show Samples
  • Cosmetics and Health Products
  • Retail Packaging
  • Production Prototypes?
A set of three adjacent boxes in a prototype packaging design.