Screen Printing

A man operating a silk screen printing machine.

Cliff Digital has been providing screen printing services for over 40 years and we continue to offer quality screen printing services at competitive prices for all screen printing products, including screen printing t-shirts and other apparel.

Cliff Digital now gives you the design power! Click here to design a t-shirt and other apparel with our online product designer!

Screen Printing: Process


screentshirts4Screen printing, also called silk screening and serigraphy, is a method of printing where a design is put on a screen of silk or other fine mesh with blank areas coated with a liquid that prevents ink from passing through. Like an ink-blocking stencil, with the space around the design sealed off, the ink is forced through the design onto a t-shirt or surface as a roller or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil. The result is your design on t-shirts, clothing or products!

In addition to our screen printing services, we also offer DTG (Direct to Garment) digital print t-shirts and apparel. DTG t-shirts make affordable to order many different shirts or personalize each screen printed t-shirt.

Screen Printing: T-shirts


Think of Cliff Digital as your event, organization, charity, sports team or company’s wardrobe department. We screen print multi-colored t-shirts, apparel and other products on our 6 color 6 station t-shirt printing press.

Since we use top quality inks for maximum life in all our screen printing services, our screen printed t-shirts are made durable and washable.

Need help designing your team’s shirt or reunion t-shirt? Our highly skilled graphic artists will work with you to create that perfect design for your reunion or team! Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

Screen Printing: Products

Screen printing versatility, quality, and longevity have made it the standard across countless industries and their products. In addition to the list below we also offer high resolution banner printing to suit your needs. Whether it a temporary paper banner for a trade show, or a more permanent, vinyl banner, Cliff Digital’s specialized staff and years of screen printing expertise is unparalleled. Vibrant colors, high quality ink, and a process perfected by Cliff Digital, separates us from all other printers. Contact us today to for a quote on all your banner printing and silk screen projects. See the list below for a variety of materials and products silk screen prints can be applied to.

Screen printing can be used for signage, posters, product packaging, prototype packaging, point of purchase displays, trade show booths, office products, promotional items and more!

We can print to most fabrics and many types of materials including:

  • Plexiglass
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Vinyl & Static Cling
  • Crack n’ Peel
  • Magnetic Signage
  • Foamcore
  • Plastic
  • Adhesive Backed Acetate
  • Glass
A display of apparel boxes for sale in Los Angeles.

Screen Printing is ideal for:

  • – Signage
  • – Packaging
  • – P.O.P. Displays
  • – Binders
  • – Folders
  • – Posters
  • – Trade show Graphics
  • – Display Graphics
  • – Promotional items

We can print on to almost any flat surface:

  • – Foam core
  • – Gator Board
  • – Sintra
  • – Plastic
  • – Plexiglass
  • – Metal
  • – Wood
  • – Carpet

Screen Printed T-shirts, Signage, Displays & Promotional Items

Cliff Digital of Los Angeles can handle multi-color prints on our six color/six station press. Screen Printing has great washability and is extremely cost effective for larger runs of the same t-shirt. Great for not only printing on T-shirts and apparel but also printing on packaging, signage and much more!
A man operating a machine in a factory with no minimums for wearables.
A row of promotional skis sitting on top of a table.
Promotional wearables with a custom factory image on a white t-shirt.
A custom promotional black t-shirt with a white design on it.
A man customizing wearables in a building.
A stack of custom metal boxes with no minimum order requirement, perfect for swag.