How to Choose the Right Car Graphics for Your Vehicle

Car graphics can add those special details to your car that didn’t come standard when you first purchased your vehicle. The first attempt to add some form of decoration to vehicles was following World War II. A popular trend at the time was to attach an American flag to the bumper of a car with wire. The first reported use of bumper stickers was in Tennessee as part of tourism efforts in the late 1940s. Park employees would paste sticks on cars suggesting that visitors stop by certain nearby destinations. Today, car graphics are much more elaborate. You’ll find styles ranging from mild to wild – and just about everything in between. Here are some tips for choosing car graphics for your vehicle:     […]

Six Signs Of A Bad Auto Wrap

A good auto wrap is powerful advertising for your business. It draws the “right” kind of attention, turning heads and making people want to know more about your product. A bad auto wrap is even easier to spot, because as you drive by, you’ll see people making disgusted or embarrassed faces. The differences between good and bad auto wraps are subtle, and many people can’t tell you specifically what the differences are. They just shrug and say “I know what I like, and that’s not it.” Let’s take a look at six powerful indicators that you might be wasting your advertising dollars and driving your customers away with a bad auto wrap!     […]

Vinyl Wall Art: Growing in Popularity and the Future of Interior Design

Wall decals are a fun, creative and temporary way to personalize any home, office, or business. It is too easy to dismiss something like large vinyl lettering as something only advertisers need, or to dismiss whimsical vinyl decals as ‘dorm decor’. In fact, vinyl wall displays are growing in popularity every day. They are the much-underrated future of interior design, and here are 5 reasons why:       […]

Six Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Wraps

One form of advertising that is quickly catching on across the United States is the use of vehicle wraps. However, despite their growing popularity, many people have questions about this new form of advertising. To help, below are the answers to six frequently asked questions about vehicle wraps.         […]

How Vehicle Wrap Printing Boosts Visibility and Drives Sales

While so-called “small format” printing has been on the decline for at least the past decade, large format printing such as wrapping vehicles has seen a meteoric rise in popularity and overall utilization. This is largely due to the fact that consumers are increasing distracted by a number of other things, most prominently the ever-popular smartphone, and they’re far more likely to see a bold and unconventional large-style printing job than one which appears as just a postcard or a flyer.       […]

Customizing Your Vehicle with Car Decals

Everyone is looking for a way to customize their vehicle and really make it their own. One way that you can add a special touch to your car or truck in order to make it more “you” is through the use of cut vinyl decals. Car decals are designed to add style and flair to a vehicle quickly and easily. The best thing about vinyl car graphics is that you can add them to and remove them from your vehicle quickly and easily. What this means is that customization of your vehicle has never been easier. When you want to make a change, it is as simple as peeling away the old decals and placing new decals on your vehicle.     […]

Building Wraps – 3 Ways They Can Benefit Your Advertising Program

Advertising Big With the advent of Internet marketing and people taking a turn towards online, email, and other forms of Web-based advertising, another unique form of advertisement has been introduced offline. Favored by successful corporations worldwide, building wraps initially evolved from billboards more than a decade ago. Their massive size and bold colors are often more eye-catching than a video advertisement.       […]

Three Great Options for Vinyl Advertising

One of the hardest things for any business is reaching its customers. Advertising is always a complicated endeavor with a high potential for failure. It can also be quite expensive. However, there is one new form of advertising that can give a business the edge it needs. This is vinyl wraps and vinyl decor. Below are just a few kinds of vinyl advertising that can help a business reach its customers.   […]

Avoid 5 Common Design Mistakes in Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

The more popular forms of advertising have become so expensive and competitive that many small businesses find the need to take advantage of less traditional marketing opportunities, such as vinyl vehicle wraps. There are a wide range of places on vehicles that signage can make a huge difference in local sales. More importantly, savvy business owners and marketing professionals can take advantage of these types of advertisements to gain a superior return on investment for their available advertising budget.   […]

Decorating with Vinyl Decor Wall Graphics

When you are looking for a way to decorate the walls of your home without the permanence attached to painting or stenciling, one option that is available to you is vinyl decor. Vinyl wall graphics are designed specifically to be added and removed at will. What this means is that you can easily customize and re-customize a room whenever and however it suits you to do so.     […]

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