Outdoor advertising is known to be a very effective part of the marketing mix and utilizing vehicle wraps in a company’s outdoor marketing strategy is a very easy way to increase brand exposure. Here are the top 8 benefits of using a vehicle wraps:



1. Added Professionalism

If you are driving around in a vehicle that looks professional then that is how your business is going to come across. Vehicle wraps will assure your customers that they are dealing with a professional company that are serious about what they do.

2. Exposure to all Demographics

The vast majority of the population drive vehicles, or are driven in a vehicle every week. All demographics travel in a vehicle, whether old or young, rich or poor and no matter what ethnicity. This means that the exposure the company will get is broader than any other type of marketing.

3. Relatively Low-Cost

Advertising can be an incredibly expensive business and when you compare the cost of vehicle wraps to something like newspaper advertising they are incredibly cost-effective. You are exposing your business to new clients over time, even when your car is parked. Your car is essentially a billboard that advertises wherever it is parked. In many cases these are locations are those which are normally unaffordable. ‘

4. They Never Turn Off

Most forms of advertising are short lived and they run for either a few seconds, in the case of video, or a few weeks in the case of billboards. If you choose to use vehicle wraps your brand is being constantly exposed to new customers, for as long as the life of the car.

5. They Protect Your Vehicle

Scratches and other forms of damage to vehicles paintwork can significantly lower the resale price, having your vehicle wrapped in a protective film will preserve the paintwork until you decide to sell on the car.

6. Easily Removed and Replaced

If you are changing the way your company is branded or simply want to advertise a new product, then vehicle wraps can be changed very easily. The current wrap can easily be stripped off and the new one applied in a very short time.

7. Works for Businesses Small and Large

Many of the cars we seem to see on the road that have advertising on them are usually from larger companies but smaller firms also enjoy great advertising success with this form of promotion. One of the major advantages for small companies is that the car is generally being driven around the area the business operates so most exposure would be the potential local customers.

8. Vast Amount of Exposure

Research has showed that the average vehicle is driven 15,000 miles every year and the average driver will pass 9 million vehicles in this time. In addition to this vehicle is also going to be passing a significant amount of pedestrian traffic. This leads estimates to say that the average vehicle with advertising on it will be exposed to around 30,000 to 70,000 people every day.