Market Packaging and Branding: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

Packaging and branding are two of the more important, yet sometimes neglected focuses in advertising and marketing. Branding entails defining the company name and its product and service designs and descriptions. Branding is the main thing that will differentiate what the company offers from its competition. The brand is reflected through packaging. As a marketing tool, it is the main thing that is used to sell the product or service. This includes logos, slogans, descriptions, colors, fonts, materials and any other aspect that is used in packaging.     […]

Successful Tips About Product Packaging Design

Looks can mean everything in product packaging. Everyone in the design industry knows that having an eye catching, exciting, unusual and sexy product does you no good if the product is packaged in a bland little paper box. The art of design allows product marketers to have the freedom to find a way to sell their product not only by the quality, quantity and nature of the product itself, but also by the way it is packaged. As consumers, exciting packages naturally catch our eye; for example, bright logos that use exotic fonts, boxes in unusual shapes and other novel forms of market packaging are generally the first thing that draws a customer to an item in the store or on the web that they have not heard of before.   […]

Five Tips for Running a Successful Trade Show Booth

One of the most important events in the business world is the trade show. A trade show is where the deals that determine whether or not a company’s products and services actually reach customers occur. If a company’s products or services are not picked up by vendors and other industry representatives at such a trade show, it can be disastrous. The key to having a successful trade show is having a well-run trade show booth. Below are several great tips businesses can use to successfully use their trade show displays to market their products and services.     […]

Product Packaging Design – 3 Tips in Choosing the Right Color

Colors play a crucial role in product packaging design. Experts believe that packaging colors evoke emotions. Colors can give the product the power to lure consumers to buy. Research has revealed that buyers choose goods to buy on the shelves in as fast as 20 seconds before they settle for substitutes. The product packaging design that looks interesting is more likely to get picked. This explains why many items with poor presentation fail.   […]

5 Printing Needs Most Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing

Today, many companies are looking for ways to slash overhead. Many times, this needs to be done simply to save the jobs or benefits of employees. Whatever the case, there are certain things that can be outsourced. One of these things is a company’s digital printing needs. Below is a short list of different services that can be outsourced to a digital printing company to save time and money.       […]

Product Packaging Design – Tips To Make Products Stand Out

When people go shopping, they always stop and check out products packed in different materials. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Any product can be easily seen through its packaging alone. Product packaging design is now considered to be a form of art and science. The process involves concept development just like any form of art. It allows manufacturers to tell their customers what the product is all about. Product packaging design is very crucial in the success of selling a product. Therefore, business owners should not compromise packaging design quality.   […]

3 Reasons to Use Professional Packaging Comps

There are many ways to promote your company and what you do without appearing pushy or aggressive. Incorporating the talents of a graphic design company which specializes in producing custom packaging is a wonderful way to keep your message in the public eye. You want your packaging to be unique and consistent and the right graphics firm can help you achieve the look you want. Packaging is Important If you have ever looked in a convenience store fridge to purchase a drink you know exactly why packaging is so important. Few people actually read the labels of products when they shop, they look for a familiar shape and color. […]

Product Packaging Tips

Product packaging is designed to protect a product. However, it is possible to use the packaging of a specific product to market it to consumers as well. You can use various product packaging tips in order to find the perfect balance between marketing your product and packaging it properly. In order to package products correctly, you will need to know how to analyze the market. You will also need to know what your customers want. Lastly, you will need to know how to package the product in a way that allows the customer to remove the product easily. Understand Your Product Before you can package your product correctly, you will need to look at […]

Are Promotional Items Necessary For Your Business?

Promotional items are something that every customer likes to receive. Who doesn't like receiving something for free? That is why promotional items should be part of your company's business plan.

Top 4 Promotional Items Your Business Should Consider

Promotional items are a great way for your company to gain name recognition and potential future customers. Many businesses use promotional items as an incentive to lure customers in and make sales. By giving out promotional items, your business may see a great deal of new customers and continue the relationship with existing customers.