DTG – Direct to Garment Printing


– DTG allows you to print one full color T shirt for a fraction of the cost of screen printing one.


– we print most of your orders the same day or next day.


– No costly setup fees compared with screen printing


– Print just one T shirt or as many as you want.


– DTG is 4 color process printing plus white. This means no limitation on the colors you can create and we can print your design on dark colored garments. Take a look at this site for custom banner printing in Los Angeles.


– DTG holds up well to wear and washing

Digital Printed T-shirts & Apparel

Cliff Digital of Los Angeles can digitally print direct to T-shirts and other apparel which now makes it affordable to produce short runs or one offs!
With Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) we print full color on t-shirts and a variety of different
apparel even on dark colors!
Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) makes it easy by printing straight from your computer image file directly on to the garments.
Cliff’s unique Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)Service enables you to be able to personalize each design.
DTG allows you to print your designs on T shirts, Apparel, wood, plastic, metal
and promotional items.

Ideal for gifts and presentations

No minimum order allows you to print one piece or small runs with out the set up expense of screen
printing.DTG printing is able to hold fine details and shading that screen printing can’t do.

Cliff Digital has over 12 years experience doing DTG – Direct to Garment PrintingWe purchased some of the first machines in 2003 giving us many years of experience in DTG.

A next day direct to garment machine is sitting on a table.

One offs

White base on black short runs

A woman motorcycle design on a shirt made through screen printing available for next day delivery.

Full color on black

A direct to garment machine is sitting on a table.

UV ink printer