Have you heard about people who do nothing but drive all day and earn money? Some of them even get a brand new car for free. These people simply drive like they usually do. They don’t even have to pick up passengers to be paid. They make money with car wraps.

Vehicle wraps are another form of advertising. This is done by partially or completely covering a vehicle with ads. It works like a moving billboard. These vehicles are often painted. Nowadays, the use of large vinyl sheets is becoming more common.  This is because it is easier to use and remove this material.


People who are interested in getting paid for these car wraps can get information easily. All they have to do is to contact advertising companies and meet the requirements for this kind of advertising. Typically, they are required to drive around a thousand miles every month. However, those who live in small towns may be required to have lower mileage.

There are actually some companies who are willing to provide free cars. Eligible applicants may use the car for two to five years. With this, they can earn as much as $600 per month. Unfortunately, car owners and drivers are responsible for their own gas money. They can get other cars they want to drive when the contract ends.

If you want to earn some extra cash using your own car without doing anything but driving, car advertising may work best for you. There are no upfront fees and other charges. All you have to do is choose an advertising company that offers vehicle advertising. Fill out their application forms and you are ready to go. The vehicle wraps will do the work for you. This is actually great for those who work for a delivery service or those who commute every day.

Reasons Why Companies Prefer to Advertise on Cars

• Advertising on cars is considered to be among the most efficient methods of outdoor advertising.  Many studies have shown that this form of mobile advertisement can actually generate as much as 50,000 views per day.  However, this depends on the location of the vehicle and the hours it is visible on the road. Many companies benefit from mobile advertising. This method is especially effective when companies put ads on vehicles that frequently go around crowded streets.

• Advertising with car wraps means that there is no need for companies to share space with other advertisers. The impression is more memorable when people see these advertisements on cars. Companies do not have to worry about vying for prime air time or advertising in print.

• According to marketing experts, this form of advertising is actually eye-catching and easy to remember. People who look at these ads will really take time to read them. Thus, they tend to form a good impression, and it sticks in their minds.

• Advertisers who prefer using vinyl car graphics or wraps can enjoy durability and longevity. This is because this type of car wrap installation is protected with a cast laminate. It can last for up to five years, and it maintains its color, shine and vibrancy.

• Car wrap installations made of vinyl can also protect the car’s finish even after they are removed. This means that the vehicle can retain its resale value. In addition, the graphic panels can be easily replaced if necessary. There is no need to take the entire wrap off.

The Dark Side

• Depending on the size of the project, car wraps can be expensive.

• Car wraps can wear over time. Although many manufacturers guarantee the wraps to stay for a long time, it always depends on the environment where the vehicle is located.

• Advertisers may find it hard to track vehicle performance.

Common Questions and Answers about Car Wraps

• Can a leased car be wrapped?

Many people who lease cars fear having them wrapped. They think that it might get them in trouble. The truth is that they actually can. The material is adhesive, but it can be safely removed without damaging the car’s finish. However, it should be done by a professional installer to make sure it does not affect the car.

• Is it possible for a newly-painted car to be wrapped right away?

This is not possible. Car owners may think that the paint is fully dry, but it actually needs 90 days to complete the drying process. With this, they should wait for the drying period to be over before taking it for vehicle wrap installation.

• Can car wraps cover up car dents and dings?

There are some factors to consider when it comes to covering surface damage. Vinyl car wraps work like a sticker that can be cut to follow the car’s contours. The edges can still look great. However, the ability to cover up dents and dings depends on the wrap’s size, the car’s design and the installer’s craftsmanship.

• How much does it cost?

The installation cost depends on the size of the project and the quality. Car wraps that can stay up to five years may cost owners an average of $50 per month or about $600 annually. Vinyl is quite expensive. However, choosing the best quality vinyl wrap will make the car stand out and last for a long time.

• How long does the complete car wrap process take?

The longest part of the process is developing the concept. Car wrap companies will have to spend time designing the wrap. Customer instructions may also delay or speed up the development process. The next step is installation, and this typically lasts for five to ten days after the graphics have been created.

The Bottom Line

Car wraps are great for companies that wish to advertise their brands in the most effective way. They are also great for car owners who want to earn extra cash without doing much.

This advertising method can last longer than billboards. The advertisements can go to many places and leave impressive imprints on the minds of those who see them. Many advertisers believe that car wraps are the best substitute for billboards. These mobile advertisements are a lot cheaper and provide more public exposure.