Design Your Own Personalized T-Shirts for Any Occasion

Fashion trends sometimes change so quickly that you may end up with a closetful of outdated clothing even before you’ve worn all your latest purchases. So you find yourself ditching all those clothes and shopping anew for what’s in at the moment. Chasing fashion trends can be quite expensive, and is neither a smart way to manage your wardrobe nor spend your hard-earned money. […]

Screen Printing Services: Top Six Tips for T-Shirt Digital Printing

Do you want the best results from screen printing services? Perhaps you are interested in t-shirt digital printing, but you have never worked with this type of printing before. It is quite different than canvas printing or photo printing, so it comes with its own set of rules. You must fully grasp the medium and how it impacts computer-based artwork and designs. It is important to understand how everything works before uploading any artwork or placing an order.   […]

Six Signs Of A Bad Auto Wrap

A good auto wrap is powerful advertising for your business. It draws the “right” kind of attention, turning heads and making people want to know more about your product. A bad auto wrap is even easier to spot, because as you drive by, you’ll see people making disgusted or embarrassed faces. The differences between good and bad auto wraps are subtle, and many people can’t tell you specifically what the differences are. They just shrug and say “I know what I like, and that’s not it.” Let’s take a look at six powerful indicators that you might be wasting your advertising dollars and driving your customers away with a bad auto wrap!     […]

Five Things to Remember to Maximize T-Shirt Print Advertising

T-shirt printing has been a common, popular way to advertise companies and products for decades. Printing logos, bands’ names, slogans, and other eye catchers on shirts are a great way to attract attention and get some free advertising. Print a couple of shirts, then hand them out, and anyone who sees the t-shirt hears about your company. To seal the deal, t-shirt printing has the added benefit of being very cost effective compared to other types of advertising.     […]

How to Screen Print: Cheap and Fun

What is Screen Printing? Screen printing is the act of registering one image onto another surface using a copy of an image, light-sensitive paint, a screen, and whatever surface you choose to copy your image on. In this case, we’ll say you’re using a T-shirt. This process is called T-shirt silk screening. Not only is it a fun art project, but it’s fairly affordable and could become a possible source of income if you wanted to sell your work.   […]

Tips for Screen Printing and Nontraditional Advertising Mediums

In recent years, advertising as a whole has undergone numerous changes as business owners have been forced to adapt a changing world through the implementation of a more diverse marketing campaign. Radio and print mediums have experienced a reduction in popularity, and while television remains a powerful outlet, the sheer volume of available channels makes it difficult to reach a target audience. In light of these changes, many business owners are turning to non-traditional options when it comes to digital printing and screen printing as an advertising venue.   […]

Screen Printing for the Modern Business: 3 Tips

Very few marketing campaigns are able to create something completely new or unique when it comes to product branding or sales increases. For the most part, marketing campaigns focus on taking an existing technology, idea or resource and implementing it in a way that is unexpected or exciting. For companies or business that do not have the economic resources to engage in a brute force marketing campaign, creatively applying existing techniques is often the only available way in which to stay competitive. Though an extremely old technology, when applied correctly, screen printing can be the perfect way to infuse any business with a jolt of market power for a relatively low cost. Below are three ideas that can be readily applied to virtually any potential business. […]

Rules And Laws Regarding Screen Printing

You want to know the law before you begin screen printing. It is very important that you do not just assume anything since the penalties are rather harsh. You need to be aware of the things that you are not allowed to do and the things that you are allowed to. This will make it so that you have success and you stay out of trouble with the law acheter viagra generique suisse. The following are some of the rules that you will need to follow at all times. […]

How To Promote Team Spirit With Screen Printing Services

To raise the level of team enthusiasm to a frenzy, you just need to use screen printing services. These companies can give you a way to print any message that you want on a piece of fabric. You are not constrained to a message that has already been thought up by someone else, but you have complete creative freedom. You can choose a specific message that will really speak to the team members in a way that no other message could. There are a few different ways to use this to promote team spirit. […]

Screen Printing Services – 4 Tips On Saving Money When You Order A Screen Printing Run

Screen printing services can be a great way to get t-shirts with a logo cheaply in bulk. This simple technique of screen printing has been around for many years and has already proven its artistic worth for both amateurs and screen printing businesses.