Large Format Printing-Top Benefits And Uses

There are many benefits to large format printing. When it comes to many things, especially photographs and advertising, going big and vivid is the way to go. From billboards and displays outside of buildings to the inside of homes, they are everywhere. There are many uses for digital format large printing. It can be used for personalized posters, vehicle graphics, exhibit booth signage, building advertising, banner creation and more. This type of printing is also useful for trade show exhibit graphics as well and is very beneficial.   […]

Is Your Trade Show Booth A Boom Or A Bust?

<a href="http://www montreal”>Everyone’s been to a trade show and seen “that booth.” The one sitting all by itself in the corner with a couple of bored-looking people behind the counter; the booth that looks like it was inspired by Lucy Van Pelt’s psychiatry kiosk in Peanuts; or the exhibit so overflowing with goods that customers can’t effectively walk from here to there. A bad trade show booth stands out in the crowd, but it doesn’t pull in business! Here are eight signs that can warn you your new booth is about to go bust!       […]

Six Kinds of Graphics a Business Should Outsource to a Printing Company

Business owners have to spend endless hours attending to the many facets of their businesses. If something can be outsourced, it can sometimes be a great help that can free an entrepreneur up to focus on other important tasks. One thing that can certainly be outsourced is a company’s graphics and printing needs. Below is a list of a few of the different kinds of graphics that can be outsourced to a local printing company.     […]

Six Ways to Make Your Corporate Promotions Memorable

Let’s face it. The primary purpose of corporate promotions is to get the company name and product in front of the viewing public and have them remember it in the future when they buy. The best way to do this is with the effective use of promotional products, displays and advertising. Here are six of the most effective ways to promote your corporation:       […]

5 Ways to Use Personalized Posters for Education

Posters have long been used to help further students’ educations. Everyone who has received an education in the developed world is used to seeing posters from their the time they enter school to the time they graduated. Research has consistently indicated that adding visual touches can greatly enhance students’ retention of material and their enjoyment of the education process. Often, however, teachers and professors fail to utilize educational posters as well as possible. Using existing designs can be helpful, but none can match the value of personalized posters for education. Here are five ways in which teachers can use personalized posters to enhance their students’ education.     […]

Building Wraps – 3 Ways They Can Benefit Your Advertising Program

Advertising Big With the advent of Internet marketing and people taking a turn towards online, email, and other forms of Web-based advertising, another unique form of advertisement has been introduced offline. Favored by successful corporations worldwide, building wraps initially evolved from billboards more than a decade ago. Their massive size and bold colors are often more eye-catching than a video advertisement.       […]

The Age of Paper is Ending

In the old days a client would bring a print job to a printer in the form of a mock-up drawing or an already designed print. An image would be captured either by photocopy, scanning, or photography. The image would then be cleaned up, enhanced, and examined for final quality. Then it would be sent to the print machine and printed however many times the client wanted in a print run. This process would repeat itself again and again each time a new job was ordered.     […]

How a Business Can Take Advantage of Large Format Printing

One of the hardest parts of starting a business is getting the word out about that new company’s products or services. Unfortunately, most outlets for such advertising are already extremely crowded. With thousands of national chains with almost unlimited funds jamming the airwaves and print with in-numerous ads, it can be quite hard for a smaller regional business to get noticed.     […]

The Many Uses of Custom Banners

When a person is running a business, organization or even a political campaign, many things need to be done. This includes managing employees, accounting, payroll and literally thousands of other important things.     […]

How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Large Format Printing

<a href="http://www.cliffdigital tarif prix du”>One thing that has become increasingly tough over the years is marketing for small businesses. With people being barraged by advertisements everywhere, many advertising methods that were once reliable standbys have lost their effectiveness.     […]

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