Business owners have to spend endless hours attending to the many facets of their businesses. If something can be outsourced, it can sometimes be a great help that can free an entrepreneur up to focus on other important tasks.

One thing that can certainly be outsourced is a company’s graphics and printing needs. Below is a list of a few of the different kinds of graphics that can be outsourced to a local printing company.



1. Product Packaging Design

Developing a new product is simply difficult enough on its own. This includes market research, the development of prototypes and endless testing. However, sometimes developing the correct packaging for a product can be just as difficult. This is why outsourcing product packing design to a printing company is a wise idea. It can save time and resources that should be focused on the product itself.

2. Trade Show Exhibit Graphics

Attending trade shows is a lot of work. It requires manpower, training and attractive exhibit graphics to impress possible investors. However, the construction of exhibit graphics can be very time consuming. This time would probably be better spent training staff on how to interact with potential clients at the trade show. Outsourcing the design of trade show exhibit graphics can certainly free up a lot of time and resources.

3. Wall Displays

Wall graphics are another thing that many companies needs. This is especially the case for stores and restaurants that actual patrons will be visiting. You don’t want to have bare walls. However, paying for the painting of murals can be quite expensive. One alternative is to pay for wall graphics instead. These can be printed as vinyl graphics that can be later added to a wall. Better yet, vinyl wall graphics are very easy to install and uninstall.

4. T-Shirt Digital Printing

Another thing many businesses need is t-shirts. T-shirts make a very simple yet effective uniform for employees to wear. This is especially the case for places like restaurants and tourist attractions. Better yet, the same t-shirts can also be sold as souvenirs to customers at a hefty profit. All a business has to do is order some from a digital printing company.

5. Vehicle Wraps

Another option is vinyl graphics for vehicles. These are often referred to as “car wraps.” They come in the form of a thin vinyl material that can be printed on in high resolution and then placed onto the body of a car or truck. Such a vehicle wrap appears almost like a new paintjob. They are certainly a great way to advertise a business.

6. Personalized Posters

Another great option for outsourcing is personalized posters. This is especially a good idea if a business has a lot of locations. These posters can be used to advertise new promotions and sales to customers. Due to the sheer amount of posters and graphics a single business may need to announce different programs and promotions during the year, having a long term relationship with a printing company is very important.