large format print advertisingThere are many benefits to large format printing. When it comes to many things, especially photographs and advertising, going big and vivid is the way to go. From billboards and displays outside of buildings to the inside of homes, they are everywhere.

There are many uses for digital format large printing. It can be used for personalized posters, vehicle graphics, exhibit booth signage, building advertising, banner creation and more. This type of printing is also useful for trade show exhibit graphics as well and is very beneficial.


Digital format large printing can be used for many reasons and has many benefits. It opens up many dimensions for small business, enthusiasts and advertisers alike. It is a better alternative to most traditional printing options. Below are the top benefits of getting large format printing.


One of the top benefits of large format printing is that it is an affordable option. For other types of printing such as lithography, it requires an expensive machine to create and lots of ink. One of the reasons why using this type of printing is less expensive than traditional printing is because there is no need to produce a template first before printing.

Fast And Efficient

Using a large format printer service is a fast and efficient way to get the printed materials that you need. No matter what design you are looking to have printed, they can have it to you in no time. Many printers can have you your prints ready the same day, depending on what you are having done. If you already have an image of the design ready for printing, this can make the process even faster. Many printers will also help you with your design if you need it.

Business Exposure And Advertising

Using large formatted digital printing products can help many businesses gain exposure. Products like magnetic signs and personalized posters can really help a business in their advertising ventures. Large formatted printing can be used just about anywhere you can think of. You can find these types of prints on cars, billboards, vehicles and many other places as well.

Products And Uses Of Large Format Printing

Semi Gloss and High Gloss. This type of printing is used for indoor use of products like posters. They are commonly used in trade show displays, photo prints, movie posters and retail graphics.

Mounted Posters. These types of prints are mounted on a 3/16 gator board and they are used for displaying photos or prints as POP or for prints used in homes and offices.

Vinyl Banners. These types of prints are popular for outdoor uses. They are printed using UV inks because are fade resistant when placed in sunny areas. These are great for sport banners, exhibit displays and trade show banners.

Canvas. This is a popular style of printing for artwork pieces that would really benefit from the quality of being printed on a canvas. They can be either wrapped or rolled up depending on the use and design preference.

Wall Graphics. These are also known as wall stickers and are popular for decorating home and office walls. They are fade resistant and can be removed and repositioned easily.

About The Printing Process

Printing large format prints is very similar to digital printing of products except that these printers use a larger scale of printers that have nozzles. The paper stocks are fed into the printer and then the ink is applied. This process is fast and the final products are produced with colors that are of high quality.

The type of ink used on a large format scale is water based. Even though the UV ink looks dull in color, it works perfectly for prints that are used outdoors because it is fade resistant.

Many businesses today rely on large format printing for a variety of reasons. It is widely popular because of how affordable it is and the fast turnaround time for orders. Even though it is cheaper than other methods of printing, it offers the same high quality prints.

There is a growing demand for businesses to reach their consumers, which is why many of the businesses are trying different types of advertising methods to gain exposure in the market. This is another reason why so many businesses are turning to large format prints for their ventures.