Let’s face it. The primary purpose of corporate promotions is to get the company name and product in front of the viewing public and have them remember it in the future when they buy. The best way to do this is with the effective use of promotional products, displays and advertising.

Here are six of the most effective ways to promote your corporation:




#1 – Large Format Printing

It’s true. Bigger is Better. The more noticeable your corporate promotions are, the more attention they will attract. With today’s technology, you are no longer limited to what will fit on an in-house printer. A digital printing company can create items in whatever size you desire.

Large format printing is a high-impact, cost effective way to get your name and message across. It can be done on a variety of materials for usage indoors or outdoors. It is being used increasingly for building wraps and banners to provide more exposure to companies who want to create high visibility.

#2 – Vinyl Decals and Lettering

Vinyl decals and lettering can be used to decorate nearly any surface such as plastic, metal, wood, aluminum, glass and many more. Vinyl has the versatility to be used either permanently or temporarily for special corporate promotions. It adheres well as long as desired, then removes easily when it is no longer needed. It will not leave a mark or damage a painted finish, making it the perfect solution for storefronts and simple identification of fleet vehicles.

Wall decals, or vinyl wall art is one of the newest trends in design. These can be created in any shape or size, with the design of your choice. They are safe, reusable and non-toxic.

#3 – Products and Packaging

People may not judge a book by its cover, but they do judge a product by its appearance. You can have the best product in the world, but if it is improperly or boringly packaged, it will languish on the shelves. Bright, attractive packaging that pleases the eye not only helps you break into a new market, it creates an image that is remembered when it is time for another purchase.

Product packaging comes in many colors and styles, including fluorescent, pearlescent, metallic and foil. Your chosen design can be produced on shrink film, which can be contoured to the shape of your product.

#4 – Custom Designed Promotional Items

Most companies have learned that promotional give-away items are worth a lot more to the company than their original cost. The customer is more likely to remember you and to buy from you again if he sees a promotional item with your name and logo on it on a regular basis.

Attention-getting messages can be crafted in nearly any style, then placed on items of all descriptions, from calendars to mousepads to T-shirts and other apparel. The possibilities are almost endless.

#5 – Exhibits and Displays

At a trade show or exhibition, a vibrant, eye-catching display will attract the most customers to your corporate promotion. Visitors tend to bypass the booths with just a table displaying a few brochures or handouts. The bright, attractive displays pique curiosity and draw people closer to see what it is that you are offering, thus giving your sales people the opportunity to make a pitch.

There are many ways to create an outstanding display. You can choose from custom modular exhibits, modular signage and display systems, outdoor banner stands and many others, to create the atmosphere you wish to promote.

#6 – Vehicle Wraps

What gets more attention and is remembered more often – a stationary sign or a rolling billboard? Statistics have shown that more people notice a moving vehicle wrapped with a promotional message than a sign along the highway. Also, by virtue of the fact that the vehicle can move all over town, it is more likely to be seen my more people than a single stationary sign.

Why settle for a few words on a magnetic sign on the side of a vehicle? A vehicle wrap has unlimited possibilities for design and flair.

The modern technology available today at a digital printing company affords you a multitude of options that you would be unable to do on your own with an in-house printer. When planning corporate promotions, a digital printing company can be your partner in creating a memorable event. They can provide design ideas and assistance as well as produce the products you need. Your only limit is your imagination.