One of the hardest parts of starting a business is getting the word out about that new company’s products or services. Unfortunately, most outlets for such advertising are already extremely crowded. With thousands of national chains with almost unlimited funds jamming the airwaves and print with in-numerous ads, it can be quite hard for a smaller regional business to get noticed.



Thankfully, there is one way to get ahead of the pack. Any small business can use cutting edge digital printing methods to produce advertising. In fact, most of the large chains do not actually use many of these strategies. Below are just a few of the kinds of advertising a digital printing company can provide to a small business.

T-Shirt Digital Printing

One such strategy is paying for t-shirt digital printing. Having custom made t-shirts can serve two ends. First, they can be sold as a product. Such shirts can be bought in bulk for rather cheap form a digital printing company. These can then be sold for much more to make a decent sized profit. This can provide a business with an additional cash flow to supplement that company’s core product or service.

Secondly, these t-shirts can provide free advertising. After a shirt is bought, anyone that sees that customer wearing that shirt will be made aware of the business’s products or services. This can provide long-term advertising that can stretch well beyond the borders of the city a business is located. It is especially effective for restaurants and tourist attractions. Printing the name of the city the business is located in can also be helpful in producing new customers from faraway locations.

Vinyl Car Graphics

Another excellent choice is purchasing vinyl car graphics. Often, this kind of advertising comes in the form of something referred to as “vehicle wraps.” Such a wrap is made of a durable vinyl compound. It can be applied to a car so it seamlessly covers all of the car’s curves, nooks and crannies. Such a wrap is often mistaken for a second paint job.

However the best thing about vehicle wraps is the fact they can be printed with a design. This can include high resolution graphics and text. Picture perfect photographs can be reproduced on the vehicle as well as font and designs in any shape or color.

This can allow for the creation of stunning advertisements for a business right on the body of a car, truck or SUV. Better yet, this form of advertising is not used very often. This allows advertising that uses vinyl car graphics to be especially effective. Anyone that sees a car with such a vinyl wrap is certain to take notice.


One thing that many companies overlook is the effectiveness of simple signage. Signs are, for one, less intrusive than radio and TV advertisements that many consumers simply choose to ignore. To read a sign, a person must choose to look at it. This creates less annoyance to the consumer and can result in a higher success rate in convincing a consumer to visit a local business.

Signage has also greatly improved over the years. No longer does a company have to rent very expensive billboard space to implement a highly detailed sign. Due to high resolution digital printing, signs that are just as visible and detailed as those big billboards can be printed for much less in much smaller sizes. Such signage can include any graphics and text a client wishes. Once printed, these signs can be placed anywhere likely customers frequent such as near busy walkways, at bus stops or on the subway.

Large Format Banners

Lastly, another excellent choice is large format banners. In the past, banners produced by most companies were limited to a hand full of colors and very basic fonts. Sometimes, additional graphics were not even an option.

With improved printing technologies, this is no longer the case. Many digital printing companies now have the ability to print large format banners the same way a very intricate magazine page is printed. This can include a multitude of colors, thousands of different fonts, custom designed graphics and the replication of photographic images.

Such a banner can be printed so it’s small enough to hang over the doorway to a business. However, much larger banners are also possible. Such a banner could in fact stretch across the side of a skyscraper or across an entire intersection. There are plenty of possibilities, and they are all likely to be noticed by would be customers.