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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Wraps

One new and exciting source of advertising successfully utilized by many big businesses is the vinyl car wrap. However, despite the growing popularity of vehicle wraps, many business owners may still have questions regarding car wraps and how they work. To help, below are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about automobile wraps. What Is a Car Wrap? Car wrapping is a method of decorating a vehicle with a thin vinyl material with an adhesive underbelly.   […]

Five Exciting Forms of Vinyl Advertising

Getting an edge over the competition can be tough. Most traditional kinds of advertising simply no longer pay the dividends they used to. However, there is one form of advertising that is still relatively fresh. That is vinyl advertising. Things like vinyl wraps and vinyl décor can grab the attention of customers and produce sales. Below are five ways a business can take advantage of this new form of advertising. 1. Car Wraps One of the most common uses of vinyl advertising is the creation of car wraps.     […]

Successful Tips About Product Packaging Design

Looks can mean everything in product packaging. Everyone in the design industry knows that having an eye catching, exciting, unusual and sexy product does you no good if the product is packaged in a bland little paper box. The art of design allows product marketers to have the freedom to find a way to sell their product not only by the quality, quantity and nature of the product itself, but also by the way it is packaged. As consumers, exciting packages naturally catch our eye; for example, bright logos that use exotic fonts, boxes in unusual shapes and other novel forms of market packaging are generally the first thing that draws a customer to an item in the store or on the web that they have not heard of before.   […]

Tips to Ensure Fleet Graphics Make Your Company Money

More and more business owners are starting to realize the benefits of using fleet graphics on their company vehicles. Wrapping vehicles has become a widely used method of advertising in the business world and service industries. The low-price combined with the exposure that these vehicle wraps provide make them a cost effective method of advertising. It’s important, however, to follow a few tips when choosing the graphics to go on the vehicles. Vehicle graphics are only worthwhile if they actually bring in new customers.     […]

Five Tips for Running a Successful Trade Show Booth

One of the most important events in the business world is the trade show. A trade show is where the deals that determine whether or not a company’s products and services actually reach customers occur. If a company’s products or services are not picked up by vendors and other industry representatives at such a trade show, it can be disastrous. The key to having a successful trade show is having a well-run trade show booth. Below are several great tips businesses can use to successfully use their trade show displays to market their products and services.     […]

How to Dress Up Your Home Using Wall Decals

Walls decals are an inexpensive and unique way to decorate your home and the uses are limited only by the imagination. With just a peel and stick application, anyone can install them in just minutes. And they are reusable, so you can take them with you if you move, reposition them or simply move them to another wall. Wallpaper Instead of using messy wallpaper paste, consider wall decals to add color and style to your room. This is particularly beneficial for rented spaces that can’t be painted or wallpapered.   […]

How to Choose the Right Car Graphics for Your Vehicle

Car graphics can add those special details to your car that didn’t come standard when you first purchased your vehicle. The first attempt to add some form of decoration to vehicles was following World War II. A popular trend at the time was to attach an American flag to the bumper of a car with wire. The first reported use of bumper stickers was in Tennessee as part of tourism efforts in the late 1940s. Park employees would paste sticks on cars suggesting that visitors stop by certain nearby destinations. Today, car graphics are much more elaborate. You’ll find styles ranging from mild to wild – and just about everything in between. Here are some tips for choosing car graphics for your vehicle:     […]

Car Wraps, The New Bumper Sticker

Over the past several years a very popular technique in advertising has become affordable for almost any person or business. It is the car wrap and car wraps that are becoming more and more popular every day. Initially these were fairly expensive and took a good deal of time to have done. It was possible that a car would be off the road for a couple of weeks waiting to have the car wrap done. These days the process has improved enormously. The process can be done in less than a day, but it may be two days due to waiting for other clients to be processed. The cost has come down to less than a third of what it cost before. The fascinating part is the way the process has improved and the clarity and resolution that can be seen.   […]

Large Format Printing – Some Basic Tips That Are Often Overlooked

Large format printing is among the most popular advertising methods used today. Many successful and emerging companies benefit from this media. This is mainly because it never fails to attract attention from current and potential customers. It is often used for signage, hanging displays, street banners and backdrops, airplane and vehicle banners, backlit photography and much more. However, it is important to remember that not all images and text that one can find on the Internet is fit for large format printing. There are some rules that designers should follow in order to come up with effective large format output. These rules are somewhat basic, but they are often overlooked.     […]

Product Packaging Design – 3 Tips in Choosing the Right Color

Colors play a crucial role in product packaging design. Experts believe that packaging colors evoke emotions. Colors can give the product the power to lure consumers to buy. Research has revealed that buyers choose goods to buy on the shelves in as fast as 20 seconds before they settle for substitutes. The product packaging design that looks interesting is more likely to get picked. This explains why many items with poor presentation fail.   […]