car stickerOver the past several years a very popular technique in advertising has become affordable for almost any person or business. It is the car wrap and car wraps that are becoming more and more popular every day. Initially these were fairly expensive and took a good deal of time to have done. It was possible that a car would be off the road for a couple of weeks waiting to have the car wrap done.

These days the process has improved enormously. The process can be done in less than a day, but it may be two days due to waiting for other clients to be processed. The cost has come down to less than a third of what it cost before. The fascinating part is the way the process has improved and the clarity and resolution that can be seen.



It is sure that everyone has seen at least one of the high quality car wraps. It may have even been done on a van or small truck. The scene is an outdoor scene and the quality is so high that it is like an optical illusion. It actually looks as if a part of the outside world has been captured and put on a vehicle.


The material is a type of latex and the way that a digital picture is placed on the latex it keeps near all of its clarity. The pictures are so stunning, it is incredible. The best thing about these styles of car wraps is that pretty much anyone can afford one. With that being said that means that a regular everyday person without a business or anything can have a picture placed on their car.

The picture can be anything. The only real requirements would be a picture large enough that increasing the size will not lose too much resolution. Of course, there are legal considerations and these can vary a bit from state to state. The obvious will apply almost everywhere. The outside of a car would not be an appropriate place for adult material.

Outright attacks on another person are typically illegal unless someone has consulted an attorney and specially worded the attack. The cost of the attorney consultation would most likely be more expensive than the car wrap itself. It is best to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


You do not have to own a multimillion dollar business with 1000’s of locations to use a car wrap as advertising. It would be great for smaller home to home businesses such as Avon or another of the same type. It is a great way to get in the door when the vehicle shows exactly what you are doing.

Private agents of larger companies have been known to use a car wrap to brand themselves. Real estate agents, insurance agents and anyone like that would do well with a car wrap. We are not intentionally pushing this technology on anyone; it is simply fascinating to have the ability to put a picture, a phrase or anything you want on the outside of your everyday vehicle.


One word of caution, although a person may be apt to use a car wrap to promote their choice in an upcoming election, it may not be a good idea. Everyone has seen them, a bumper sticker on a car from an election way back in the year 2000. Although it is interesting to remember some of those candidates, it is a little dated. Imagine an entire vehicle wrapped with “Dan Quayle” or “Walter Mondale.” We have nothing against these fine candidates; they were simply names from past elections.

The possibilities are actually as endless as an image search on the Internet. Another point to remember when getting a car wrap, do not use any copyrighted material or logos. It is doubtful that Coca-Cola will be suing people for placing their logo on a car, but it is wholly possible and they would have every right to do so.

Beyond the legal limits, there are so many things that could be put on the side of a car. Artwork that is public domain, local band logos, or whatever comes to mind. There are actually people that have their monthly car payment made by a company that has used the vehicle to advertise. That can be as much as $500 per month saved. It is as easy as contacting a company and making the offer.

Technology gives people so many chances and avenues to express themselves. This is yet another way to make a statement in the world and proclaim some individuality. Perhaps the next time that the car needs a paint job, a car wrap would be a good choice. Everyone has something to say, they might as well say it big and loud.