using vinyl for advertisingGetting an edge over the competition can be tough. Most traditional kinds of advertising simply no longer pay the dividends they used to. However, there is one form of advertising that is still relatively fresh. That is vinyl advertising. Things like vinyl wraps and vinyl décor can grab the attention of customers and produce sales. Below are five ways a business can take advantage of this new form of advertising.

1. Car Wraps

One of the most common uses of vinyl advertising is the creation of car wraps.



A car wrap is produced when a thin but strong layer of vinyl material is wrapped around the body of an automobile. Such wraps are so tight that many assume they are actually part of a car’s paint job.

Using wrap advertising with vehicles has many benefits. For one, it’s rather cheap. A company only has to pay to install a car wrap once. It also gives a company a lot of flexibility. A vehicle can be given any kind of design with whatever images, colors and text a company wants. It can also be driven to different areas to get the word out about a company’s products or services. This is much more difficult with more traditional forms of advertising like print ads.

2. Airplane Wraps

Another excellent choice for vinyl advertising is purchasing an airplane wrap. The concept is mostly the same as a car wrap. A thin, but durable, layer of vinyl will be applied to the body of a plane. Onto this wrap, designs can be added alerting customers of a company’s brand.

Purchasing vinyl advertising for use on the body of airplanes has certain benefits. Above all else is the reach that such advertising has. Thousands of different people travel through airports every single day. This includes people from every state in the United States as well as people from every other major country in the world. Airplane wraps or fleet wraps are sure to be noticed by these people. That means being able to reach people all over the US and the world about your company.

3. Train Wraps

Vehicle wraps aren’t only for cars and planes. They can also be applied to trains. While we may think of trains as the trains that carry industrial products or people cross-country, most major cities also have commuter trains and subway trains that travel shorter distances. These train and subway cars are prime real-estate for advertising. Wrapping them in vinyl advertising can be a cheap and effective way to reach the people in a specific area that use those trains to commute to and from work.

4. Building Wraps

However, vinyl advertising does not need to be limited to vehicle wraps for cars, planes and trains. It can even be used on an entire building. This is due to the fact that the vinyl material that makes up such wraps can conform to the shape of any object or structure. Even if a building is made up of bricks, a vinyl wrap can still be applied seamlessly to its surface.

The benefits of purchasing building wraps are obvious. Seeing an entire building with images, text and designs is likely to catch the attention of anyone close enough to see it. Having a building wrap means being able to reach the thousands of citizens living in a city as well as all the visitors that stop by. Seeing an advertisement that stretches over an entire building also means likely customers are more likely to retain the message about that product or service.

5. Wall Displays

However, vinyl advertising doesn’t have to be as large scale as an entire building. It can also be implemented on a much smaller scale for far less of a financial investment. This is the case with wall graphics that use the same kind of vinyl material as more elaborate building and plane wraps.

Such wall graphics can be applied to the flat surface of a wall with very little effort. This can be a wall in a mall, a subway station, a museum or anywhere else people frequent. Onto the wall graphics, art and text alerting people that pass by about a new product or service can be added.

Such wall displays are likely to grab the attention of anyone that passes by much more so than simple posters or signs. However, they are also extremely easy to remove. This is not the case with murals that must be painted over. A vinyl wall display can be removed in minutes or seconds.