fleet graphic installationMore and more business owners are starting to realize the benefits of using fleet graphics on their company vehicles. Wrapping vehicles has become a widely used method of advertising in the business world and service industries. The low-price combined with the exposure that these vehicle wraps provide make them a cost effective method of advertising. It’s important, however, to follow a few tips when choosing the graphics to go on the vehicles. Vehicle graphics are only worthwhile if they actually bring in new customers.



Keep it Simple

Fleet graphics are an easy way to get attention for a business, but there is no need to go nuts on the design. It is important to remember that most potential customers see these vehicles while they’re on the move, so it’s imperative that they’re able to easily process the information provided on the vehicle design. There is no point in trying to put a large amount of information into a space that isn’t large enough to viably contain that information.

This doesn’t mean that images will be detrimental to the attempt at advertising using vehicles. A good image can catch a person’s attention quickly, but it’s important to remember that fleet graphics should have the primary focus of getting people to notice the name of the business and its contact information. Company quotes also don’t hurt, but no business owner should overload their design with too much information.

Attention Grabbing Images

As previously mentioned, images on a vinyl fleet wrap can be an easy way to grab an individual’s attention and keep it. Bright images and colors make it easy for vehicle fleet graphics to stand out amongst the hectic atmosphere that is the everyday driving commute. Photographs can also be produced on vehicle wraps if they are of high resolution and quality. Any business can go the typical route of just providing their company name and contact information on the side of their fleet vehicles, but an attention grabbing graphic can really benefit a company overall.

Don’t Use Differing Designs

It’s obvious that the vehicle graphics wrapped around a company van may not be suitable for a company car, but this doesn’t mean that the designs should be excessively different. It is important for any business to guarantee that non-customers are able to easily recognize their brand. This becomes quite difficult if one vehicle is wrapped with a blue and yellow graphic while another is wrapped with a photograph of an employee working on a sink.

Many people who see a vehicle wrap just once will easily forget it, and if they see another fleet vehicle soon after with different graphics, they may not even notice that the vehicles are representing the same company. It is imperative to ensure that a citizen who sees three company vehicles in one day will relate all three vehicles to the company they are representing. Residents need to get used to seeing these vehicles around town so that when a need arises that the company can deliver upon, that individual will automatically think of the fleet graphics they have seen.

Know the Options

There are actually several different options a business owner can consider when deciding upon vehicle graphics. As previously mentioned, these graphics should all be similar, but it’s important to pick out a design that is economical for the goal it is trying to achieve. Sometimes Letraset lettering is enough to get the general idea of a company and the services it provides across to a potential customer. These lettering graphics provide all of the information a customer needs while still ensuring a low-cost marketing effort.

The next step up from vehicle lettering is vehicle graphics. An entire fleet doesn’t need to be fully wrapped to convey a company’s image. A simple strategically placed graphic against the contrasting background color of a vehicle is enough to grab most people’s attention. Partial vehicle wraps are large format printing graphics that usually start at the end of a vehicle so people following in traffic can easily see it, but end somewhere along the sides of the automobile. Fully wrapped vehicles, on the other hand, provide all of the advantages of the previously mentioned options while also ensuring maximum visibility from any angle.

Provide Information and a Call to Action

Anyone with any experience in marketing at all knows that providing a call to action is often vital in all types of advertising. This of course means that a good amount of contact information should be provided on the vehicle wrap, graphic or lettering. This of course should not overshadow the ‘keeping it simple’ rule, but more than a phone number should be provided. Many people prefer doing a little research on a company before calling them because they often think they’ll be hit by sales tactics once speaking personally with someone. Providing an email, website or even social media page will often nudge a customer into feeling safe enough to find out more information.

Car graphics, Letraset lettering and vinyl fleet wraps are a tried and true method of maximizing a marketing budget’s return on investment. Fleet graphics provide constant exposure for a company without the driver of the vehicle even having to put any thought into it. Billboards and commercials are only as effective as their particular placement; if a person isn’t driving down a certain road or watching a certain channel, they will never see these types of advertisements. Vehicle wraps, on the other hand, ensure that potential customers all over a city know a business’s name and area of expertise.