trade show booth designOne of the most important events in the business world is the trade show. A trade show is where the deals that determine whether or not a company’s products and services actually reach customers occur. If a company’s products or services are not picked up by vendors and other industry representatives at such a trade show, it can be disastrous.

The key to having a successful trade show is having a well-run trade show booth. Below are several great tips businesses can use to successfully use their trade show displays to market their products and services.



1. Consider Floor Graphics

While a trade show booth is generally what people think of when they think of trade show displays, the graphics used do not have to be limited to only the company’s physical booth. Floor graphics can also be very effective marketing tools that grab the attention of industry representatives. Cut vinyl decals can be added to the floor in a building quite easily. They can also be removed with very little effort. Just make sure that the use of such floor graphics is permitted at the trade show’s venue.

2. Include Product Comps

One big mistake that many businesses make is not providing industry representatives with product comps and the corresponding packaging comps. For many business owners, they won’t be convinced until they see what the actual product will look like when it sits on their store shelves. For this reason, even if the product hasn’t actually gone into production yet, product comps with attractive packing comps must be available at trade show display booths.

3. Use Trade Show Exhibit Graphics that Stand Out

If a trade booth looks generic and uninteresting, it’s unlikely to get a lot of attention at a trade show. Instead, trade show exhibit graphics should be designed to grab a person’s attention. This should include explosive colors, interesting designs and eye-popping graphics. Producing successful trade show exhibit graphics can be a monumental task on its own. It involves a lot of thought, design work and preparation. For this reason, outsourcing the creation of trade show exhibit graphics to a company that regularly produces such graphics for clients may be a wise idea.

4. Use Clear Messaging

Sometimes industry reps and other visitors to a trade show booth are confused about exactly what a company does or what products it’s trying to market. This is a common mistake, and it’s one that is the result of lack of focus when designing trade show display booths. The messaging should instead be crystal clear. Exactly what product is being sold and how it can benefit clients should be the primary focus of any trade show booth.

5. Properly Train Your Staff

Lastly, leaving unprepared staff to run a trade show booth can be disastrous. These employees must first be properly trained. They must have a very deep knowledge of the company and products being marketed so they can answer all possible questions from possible clients. They must also be able to properly demonstrate how the product or service works in real time.