vehicle wrap  advertisingFleet wraps are great for catching people’s attention while on the road. Unlike building wraps, this type of advertising gains more exposure as it does not stay in one place. In addition, it is cost-effective, and it provides more benefits than large format printing.

Basically, these car wrap installations are designed to promote brand awareness. However, not all vehicle wraps are created equal. Mistakes often lead to either decreased decal longevity or loss of efficiency in the advertising medium. The following are common car wrap mistakes that advertisers and owners should avoid.



• Cluttered Design

Too many designs make the vehicle wrap appear cluttered. With this, it tends to lose its purpose. Instead of informing people about the latest promotions, the opposite happens. Potential customers are unable to read the messages clearly. They would rather not look at it as it will most likely just give them a headache.

One important rule with fleet wraps is to keep the design simple, clear yet attractive. It should be pleasing to the eyes to make an impression on the one looking at it.

• Inappropriate Design

Fleet graphic designs should be appealing to customers. In fact, many business owners personally choose the designs that appeal to them before they have them installed. However, head-turning design may not be enough. The most important factor to consider is the design’s relevance to customer interests.

If the design fails to connect with the customer, it serves no purpose. With this, it is important to choose designs that clearly express the product and services offered combined with compelling artwork and colors.

In addition, the message should not be too wordy or generic. When messages are too long, customers have the tendency to ignore them. Similarly, generic statements will only confuse customers. As a solution, business owners should know their target market well before they come up with their tagline. They should bear in mind that the human brain is more visual.

• Inappropriate Materials

Vehicle wraps are exposed to extreme temperatures. With this, the material will most likely wear out after some time. However, this will not happen as quickly when the materials used are of the best quality. Choosing the most durable vinyl vehicle wraps and laminates will solve the problem. Doing so allows owners to save a lot of money on repair and re-installation and at the same time enjoy longer road exposure.

Excellent car wrap installations use high quality methods for laminating. High temperature is the car graphic’s worst enemy. This is because the sun’s heat dissolves the ink rapidly. Without a good laminate, the graphics will not remain long.

• Improper Preparation

Prior to vehicle wrap installation, proper preparation must be observed.  Some vehicles have oil, dirt, grease and tar on their surfaces. Unless they are cleaned well, vinyl will not stick to cars precisely. With this, it is important to wash the vehicle with soap and water and dry it well. Doing so lessens the risk of surface cracking, peeling and splitting.

Problems that arise from improper installation only happen when people go to inexperienced service providers. No matter how bad-looking the car is, it will look even better when wrapped by qualified professionals.

• Improper Installation

Installing fleet wraps requires expertise and accuracy. Improper installation causes moisture to form in the vinyl wrap that will eventually cause the graphics to shrink. This is why it is always best to choose companies that use a temperature-controller installer.

In addition, the car’s surface needs to be perfectly clean and rust-free before the installation. Vinyl fleet wrap experts make sure that the surface is free of any debris before the installation. Otherwise, there will be cracks and peels on the surface.

Avoiding these common mistakes ensures owners that they can get the most out of the cost they paid for advertising on cars. However, those who do not have any idea what design to choose should opt for professional service. These people provide the most appropriate designs for the vehicle wrap and use the highest quality materials. Most importantly, they can help businesses determine their target market and what works best for them.

Moreover, they should choose suppliers based on their experience and expertise. With this, owners can be confident that these mistakes are avoided. Fleet wraps are guaranteed to be powerful advertising tools when used properly.