Wall decals are a fun, creative and temporary way to personalize any home, office, or business. It is too easy to dismiss something like large vinyl lettering as something only advertisers need, or to dismiss whimsical vinyl decals as ‘dorm decor’. In fact, vinyl wall displays are growing in popularity every day. They are the much-underrated future of interior design, and here are 5 reasons why:




1. It is affordable and quick to apply.

Unlike other expensive and time consuming ways of decorating, such as painting or wallpapering, vinyl wall decals are both inexpensive and quick to apply. These graphic adhesive vinyl stickers are made from ultra-thin self-adhesive matte vinyl film, which is both durable and non-fading. They offer the versatility of traditional artwork or prints, but without having to worry about nail holes marring the walls or expensive frames.

2. It is easy to personalize.

Art prints or photographs have a limited number of styles and locations they can be displayed in. There are only so many ways to hang a poster. Vinyl wall decals allow the decorator to indulge decorating whims from the traditional to the fanciful. Since they can be applied to nearly any smooth, non-porous surface, such as smooth or lightly-textured walls, mirrors and doors, users are given a range of surfaces to decorate through. For instance, a vinyl tree could “grow” out of the floor, up the wall, and stretch across the ceiling. Cleverly applied decals could give the impression of fanciful creatures peeking out from behind cabinets, bookshelves, or electric sockets. If a classic or traditional look is desired, wall decals can accommodate that, too. There is vinyl art available for any theme, from the traditional to the modern to the whimsical. Whatever the design theme, a wall decal can be found or designed to match it.

3. It is temporary.

Because wall decals are not permanent and are simple to remove, designs can be easily changed to refresh or update the decor as the years pass. Removal is as simple as lifting a corner or edge with a fingernail or credit card edge and gently peeling the art away from the wall. On mirrored, glass, or other less porous surfaces, a hairdryer set on low heat will warm and loosen the decal for easier removal. The ease of both application and removal makes decorating in any situation easier. For temporary settings, like an apartment, dorm, or assigned office, the vinyl wall decals will make a statement without damaging the property and costing someone their deposit. For permanent settings, the versatile nature of wall decals allows home and business owners to easily redecorate the look and feel of a room without resorting to time intensive and expensive methods.

4. It makes a statement about a home or business.

Of course, all interior design and art style choices make a statement about the owner. Vinyl decor takes it to a whole new level, though, by giving users the opportunity to change styles, celebrate special occasions with permanent-appearing artwork and advertise products, services, or company ethics. Light floral wall decals can evoke the sense of a traditional sitting room, or a triptych modern art wall decal can complement the spare, clean lines of minimalist design. Vinyl lettering can be used to convey an inspirational thought or poem, set by curlicues or trailing vines. Instead of a painting a mural, decorate a child’s room or doctor’s office with a whimsical garden populated by cat-riding fairies. Users can mix and match wall decal styles to create a theme that calls to mind anything from classic literary illustrations to sci-fi steampunk space battles. The only limit is the user’s imagination.

5. It is easy to apply and care for.

Wall decals will easily apply to clean, dry, smooth and non-porous surfaces. Surfaces such as drywall, lightly textured surfaces, ceilings, mirrors, sealed concrete or vinyl wood floors, smooth metal, tile, plastic and finished wood are perfect for vinyl decals. Vinyl wall art is great in kitchens and bathrooms, too. The vinyl will withstand the humidity of the bathroom and resist peeling, so long as surfaces are completely dry before application. With some creative design, vinyl decals can either gently transition the art from one room or hallway to another, or they can delineate the various household or office spaces through visual cues. Best of all, vinyl decals are simple to clean. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth; no special cleaning agents or harsh chemicals required.

Don’t dismiss wall decals as cheap dorm or bathroom decor. These inexpensive, creative and beautiful pieces are available in designs for every taste and style. Just as with any great decoration scheme, the only limit is the designer’s imagination.