4 07, 2012

Digital Image Businesses and the Risk of Copyright Infringement

A digital image production company can do a lot for a customer both in terms of idea creation and design. However, the digital manipulation tools available today have made it so easy to take an image and change it, legal copyright and trademark boundaries can be quickly crossed. The subsequent results can get both the producer as well as the client into a lot of hot water quickly, depending on what the original image owner finds out and pursues in recovery.       […]

2 07, 2012

Building Wraps – 3 Ways They Can Benefit Your Advertising Program

Advertising Big With the advent of Internet marketing and people taking a turn towards online, email, and other forms of Web-based advertising, another unique form of advertisement has been introduced offline. Favored by successful corporations worldwide, building wraps initially evolved from billboards more than a decade ago. Their massive size and bold colors are often more eye-catching than a video advertisement.       […]

19 06, 2012

How to Screen Print: Cheap and Fun

What is Screen Printing? Screen printing is the act of registering one image onto another surface using a copy of an image, light-sensitive paint, a screen, and whatever surface you choose to copy your image on. In this case, we’ll say you’re using a T-shirt. This process is called T-shirt silk screening. Not only is it a fun art project, but it’s fairly affordable and could become a possible source of income if you wanted to sell your work.   […]

16 06, 2012

Three Great Options for Vinyl Advertising

One of the hardest things for any business is reaching its customers. Advertising is always a complicated endeavor with a high potential for failure. It can also be quite expensive. However, there is one new form of advertising that can give a business the edge it needs. This is vinyl wraps and vinyl decor. Below are just a few kinds of vinyl advertising that can help a business reach its customers.   […]

14 06, 2012

Avoid 5 Common Design Mistakes in Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

The more popular forms of advertising have become so expensive and competitive that many small businesses find the need to take advantage of less traditional marketing opportunities, such as vinyl vehicle wraps. There are a wide range of places on vehicles that signage can make a huge difference in local sales. More importantly, savvy business owners and marketing professionals can take advantage of these types of advertisements to gain a superior return on investment for their available advertising budget.   […]

11 06, 2012

Decorating with Vinyl Decor Wall Graphics

When you are looking for a way to decorate the walls of your home without the permanence attached to painting or stenciling, one option that is available to you is vinyl decor. Vinyl wall graphics are designed specifically to be added and removed at will. What this means is that you can easily customize and re-customize a room whenever and however it suits you to do so.     […]

8 06, 2012

Home-Based Printers Can Fight Back Against Global Competition

Like many business sectors today, entire service industries are trying to fend off the encroachment and effects of the global market, both in terms of retaining business dollars at home as well as trying to stay alive as a business in general. The days of assuming all the competition to worry about only exists in a surround 100 mile radius are long gone.       […]

2 06, 2012

The Age of Paper is Ending

In the old days a client would bring a print job to a printer in the form of a mock-up drawing or an already designed print. An image would be captured either by photocopy, scanning, or photography. The image would then be cleaned up, enhanced, and examined for final quality. Then it would be sent to the print machine and printed however many times the client wanted in a print run. This process would repeat itself again and again each time a new job was ordered.     […]

28 05, 2012

4 Reasons Your Company Should Use Large Format Printing

Creating advertisements that actually attract customers is one thing that can be extremely difficult for most businesses. With most outlets for advertising being incredibly crowded, finding a way to get noticed may seem impossible. However, there is one solution. A company in any industry can obtain dynamic and exciting advertising that uses large format printing. Below is a list of reasons why paying for large format printing from a digital printing company can be beneficial to your company.         […]

23 05, 2012

Three Things You Should Outsource to a Digital Printing Company

Running a business requires making sure thousands of things get done on time. This usually is the case regardless of what kind of business you are in. Making sure customers are pleased with the product and service is up to a high level of quality takes a lot of work. One way to make running a business easier is outsourcing when possible. This can free up management and employees to focus on what is most important. One thing that can certainly be outsourced is the printing needs a company may have. Thankfully, many digital printing companies can be outsourced to for relatively cheap. Below is a list of three things a company should consider outsourcing to a digital printing company.       […]

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