large format printing designCreating advertisements that actually attract customers is one thing that can be extremely difficult for most businesses. With most outlets for advertising being incredibly crowded, finding a way to get noticed may seem impossible.

However, there is one solution. A company in any industry can obtain dynamic and exciting advertising that uses large format printing. Below is a list of reasons why paying for large format printing from a digital printing company can be beneficial to your company.





1. Versatility

One of the greatest benefits of large format printing is the number of options the technology allows for. If you print in-house, chances are the rather low-tech printers in your office only have the ability to print out flyers and other simplistic advertisements.

The choices made available through large format printing are far more varied and impressive. One common choice is a car wrap. A car wrap will come in the form of vinyl material that can be printed on and then later applied to the body of a car seamlessly. Being able to implement printed advertising on things like cars, brick buildings, planes and entire walls is not something most companies can do on their own.

2. Detail

Another great benefit of large format printing is the amount of detail that can be included in an advertisement. The ink jets used in the printing process are not like the ink jets in normal printers. They are extremely accurate and able to reproduce photographic quality images with life like accuracy.

The ability to print in very high resolution isn’t the only benefit of the technology. The range of colors available is massively superior to other printers. This means being able to reproduce all the colors of the natural world with complete accuracy.

3. Scale

The options for large format printings in terms of scale are simply impressive. No longer does a company have to be limited to simple pamphlets and flyers. Instead, huge building banners that stretch across an entire city block can be created.

At one time, a company was forced to pay for very expensive billboard space to obtain advertising of this size. However, with the development of things like building wraps and printed wall displays, this is no longer the case.

4. Customizability

Lastly, the customizability made available to clients through large format printing is simply enormous. This is due to the technology used by the printers.

Each large format printing design is created beforehand using computer software. This means that nearly any kind of imagery, design or text can be included as part of the final product. This kind of customizability was simply not available with the more traditional methods of printing used by printing companies of the past.