14 10, 2012

How to Choose the Right Car Graphics for Your Vehicle

Car graphics can add those special details to your car that didn’t come standard when you first purchased your vehicle. The first attempt to add some form of decoration to vehicles was following World War II. A popular trend at the time was to attach an American flag to the bumper of a car with wire. The first reported use of bumper stickers was in Tennessee as part of tourism efforts in the late 1940s. Park employees would paste sticks on cars suggesting that visitors stop by certain nearby destinations. Today, car graphics are much more elaborate. You’ll find styles ranging from mild to wild – and just about everything in between. Here are some tips for choosing car graphics for your vehicle:     […]

8 10, 2012

Car Wraps, The New Bumper Sticker

Over the past several years a very popular technique in advertising has become affordable for almost any person or business. It is the car wrap and car wraps that are becoming more and more popular every day. Initially these were fairly expensive and took a good deal of time to have done. It was possible that a car would be off the road for a couple of weeks waiting to have the car wrap done. These days the process has improved enormously. The process can be done in less than a day, but it may be two days due to waiting for other clients to be processed. The cost has come down to less than a third of what it cost before. The fascinating part is the way the process has improved and the clarity and resolution that can be seen.   […]

5 10, 2012

Large Format Printing – Some Basic Tips That Are Often Overlooked

Large format printing is among the most popular advertising methods used today. Many successful and emerging companies benefit from this media. This is mainly because it never fails to attract attention from current and potential customers. It is often used for signage, hanging displays, street banners and backdrops, airplane and vehicle banners, backlit photography and much more. However, it is important to remember that not all images and text that one can find on the Internet is fit for large format printing. There are some rules that designers should follow in order to come up with effective large format output. These rules are somewhat basic, but they are often overlooked.     […]

2 10, 2012

Product Packaging Design – 3 Tips in Choosing the Right Color

Colors play a crucial role in product packaging design. Experts believe that packaging colors evoke emotions. Colors can give the product the power to lure consumers to buy. Research has revealed that buyers choose goods to buy on the shelves in as fast as 20 seconds before they settle for substitutes. The product packaging design that looks interesting is more likely to get picked. This explains why many items with poor presentation fail.   […]

15 09, 2012

5 Printing Needs Most Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing

Today, many companies are looking for ways to slash overhead. Many times, this needs to be done simply to save the jobs or benefits of employees. Whatever the case, there are certain things that can be outsourced. One of these things is a company’s digital printing needs. Below is a short list of different services that can be outsourced to a digital printing company to save time and money.       […]

12 09, 2012

Marketing Your Business With Custom Printing Solutions

<img class="alignright wp-image-3690" title="custom printing solutions" src="http://www.cliffdigital achat viagra 100.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/4407742-cmyk-four-color-printing-reference-swatches-150×150.jpg” alt=”printing solutions” width=”200″ height=”200″ />Most people don’t really think about it, but we see walking advertisements every day. Every kind of business and product, from taverns to bail bondsmen, cigarettes to geotechnical consultants, is represented on screen-printed T-shirts, embroidered hats, and just about anything that walks, rolls, drives, or flies. With this barrage of advertising, getting your business to stand out from the “white noise” of all that competition can be a bewildering and frustrating task. The good news is that you can have custom-printed advertising, from bumper stickers to complete auto body wraps, made up for a lot less money than running an ad in your local paper.     […]

7 09, 2012

Why Some Printers Survived the Recession and Many Didn’t

There is no question that the economic recession that began in 2008 has taken a bloody toll on the digital and printing industries. Company after company, big and small, have been decimated and forced to close. Being a service and product line that already relies on the health of other businesses to receive its sales and revenue, going through a recession hit these industry players painfully. Not only were commercial customers folding their graphic work in-house, removing jobs from the market altogether, they were also looking for ways to cut down paper consumption for operating cost avoidance, reducing reprographic work available. Both worked against print and digital production companies in the form of lost accounts and sales.   […]

6 09, 2012

Large Format Printing-Top Benefits And Uses

There are many benefits to large format printing. When it comes to many things, especially photographs and advertising, going big and vivid is the way to go. From billboards and displays outside of buildings to the inside of homes, they are everywhere. There are many uses for digital format large printing. It can be used for personalized posters, vehicle graphics, exhibit booth signage, building advertising, banner creation and more. This type of printing is also useful for trade show exhibit graphics as well and is very beneficial.   […]

3 09, 2012

Is Your Trade Show Booth A Boom Or A Bust?

<a href="http://www montreal viagra.cliffdigital.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/REP-DOM-RENDER-FULL-COLOR.jpg”>Everyone’s been to a trade show and seen “that booth.” The one sitting all by itself in the corner with a couple of bored-looking people behind the counter; the booth that looks like it was inspired by Lucy Van Pelt’s psychiatry kiosk in Peanuts; or the exhibit so overflowing with goods that customers can’t effectively walk from here to there. A bad trade show booth stands out in the crowd, but it doesn’t pull in business! Here are eight signs that can warn you your new booth is about to go bust!       […]

1 09, 2012

Six Signs Of A Bad Auto Wrap

A good auto wrap is powerful advertising for your business. It draws the “right” kind of attention, turning heads and making people want to know more about your product. A bad auto wrap is even easier to spot, because as you drive by, you’ll see people making disgusted or embarrassed faces. The differences between good and bad auto wraps are subtle, and many people can’t tell you specifically what the differences are. They just shrug and say “I know what I like, and that’s not it.” Let’s take a look at six powerful indicators that you might be wasting your advertising dollars and driving your customers away with a bad auto wrap!     […]

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