<img class="alignright wp-image-3690" title="custom printing solutions" src="http://www.cliffdigital achat viagra 100.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/4407742-cmyk-four-color-printing-reference-swatches-150×150.jpg” alt=”printing solutions” width=”200″ height=”200″ />Most people don’t really think about it, but we see walking advertisements every day. Every kind of business and product, from taverns to bail bondsmen, cigarettes to geotechnical consultants, is represented on screen-printed T-shirts, embroidered hats, and just about anything that walks, rolls, drives, or flies. With this barrage of advertising, getting your business to stand out from the “white noise” of all that competition can be a bewildering and frustrating task. The good news is that you can have custom-printed advertising, from bumper stickers to complete auto body wraps, made up for a lot less money than running an ad in your local paper.



Screen printed tees are one particularly effective way to advertise. People wear these shirts out and about, whether they’re shopping, dining out, going to a movie, or on the job site. Because T-shirts are so popular, you need to have a logo or slogan that’s interesting and eye-catching to get people to ask the wearer questions about their shirt and thus your business. It’s a particularly effective type of word of mouth advertising, and the best part is, someone else is selling your company for you!

Auto wraps, bumper stickers, and magnetic door signs are also great advertising for your business. These rolling ads get people’s attention and give drivers something to look at on the morning or afternoon commute. Depending on your type of business, a batch of bumper stickers made up at your local print shop can pay for itself in just one or two service calls, making these a great source of advertising. Auto wraps and magnetic door signs are naturally more expensive, but the attention they garner on the street makes them a worthwhile investment that offers a great return.

Keychains, printed pens, and other tchotchkes are frequently overlooked as advertising. Many people think of them as something cute to give out at county fairs, local events, and other sponsored activities, but these can be a very powerful advertising medium that puts the solution to a potential customer’s problem or need right in the palm of their hand. People like and appreciate “freebies,” but the benefits for marketing and growing your business make these handouts well worth considering as advertising media.

Of course, there are always the good, old-fashioned standbys: Printed flyers, screen printed banners, and special announcements. Many print shops can run these off for you by the ream or even more, at greatly discounted rates. If you’re hitting the street with your business marketing and promotion plans, these are an excellent way to get attention and get people interested in what your company can do for them.

A quality printing job, consisting of strong visual design elements and a clear, concise message, is a terrific way to attract notice in the local market and set yourself apart from the competition. Many copy shops have graphic designers on hand who can help you create an eye-catching flyer, magnetic sign, T-shirt, or auto wrap to promote your company at excellent rates!