In recent years, advertising as a whole has undergone numerous changes as business owners have been forced to adapt a changing world through the implementation of a more diverse marketing campaign. Radio and print mediums have experienced a reduction in popularity, and while television remains a powerful outlet, the sheer volume of available channels makes it difficult to reach a target audience. In light of these changes, many business owners are turning to non-traditional options when it comes to digital printing and screen printing as an advertising venue.


Vehicle Advertising.

At some point or another everyone has caught a flash of color out of the corner of their eye while driving and noticed a vividly colored, slightly obnoxious automobile passing by, adorned with a specific product message and phone number of company website address. While a vinyl car wrap may seem like a slightly annoying technique, in actuality an extremely cost efficient advertising option.

Billboards and radio advertisements are effective because they communicate a simple message in a repetitive manner during a period, monotonous driving, in which the mind is relaxed and receptive to a specific message. Unlike radio advertisements and billboards a vinyl car wrap represents a single, one time cost.

Product Branding.

Product branding, especially when it comes to a specific business slogan, is a powerful technique. Whether it is a placing an image or slogan on an article of clothing, or on an item designed to be used as a convenience item, such as an environmentally friendly reusable bag, product branding works much in the same way that a vehicle wrap does.

When someone sees a television or traditional print ad they are automatically in a defensive state of mind in anticipation of the sales angle that they know is at work. However, a t-shirt with a product name or company logo located on it is likely to be encountered during a non-traditional marketing environment or experience. Viewing a logo for a particular company as a natural part of the “background” is more likely to create a meaningful and lasting impression in the mind of the viewer than a message communicated via a classic advertising vehicle.

Regardless of the type of screen printing or digital printing mode selected for logo branding and concept communication it is important to be very selective when choosing a specific logo or slogan. To the chagrin of many business owners, once selected, slogans or company logos have a tendency to stick around in the mind of consumers for an extended period of time. Neither one is something that can be easily swapped out for a different concept once implemented.