Do you want the best results from screen printing services? Perhaps you are interested in t-shirt digital printing, but you have never worked with this type of printing before. It is quite different than canvas printing or photo printing, so it comes with its own set of rules. You must fully grasp the medium and how it impacts computer-based artwork and designs. It is important to understand how everything works before uploading any artwork or placing an order.


To ensure that you always get top results, you need to use the six great tips that are listed below. They will help you format all of your text and your artwork correctly so that you get the results that you are looking for. If you already think that your design is done, just take a moment to read through these tips to see if there is anything that you have overlooked. You may be able to save yourself some frustration and hassle.

1. Utilize Only PMS Colors
Even if you often use CMYK and RGB colors when crafting artwork, you should use only PMS colors when printing t-shirts. In this specific medium, PMS colors tend to be a lot more accurate. Using them helps make sure that your shirts come out perfectly. This is not to say that it is impossible to use the color modes that you are used to, but you may not get high-caliber results if you do. The only way to guarantee accuracy is to use PMS colors.

2. Use Outlines Instead of Text
If you are using rather obscure texts with the screen printing services, the company may not have access to those texts on its computer. When they open up the file, the computer could substitute a brand new text. This will ruin your design, and could make it so that the end result looks nothing like it did on your screen. If you change all of the text into outlines, though, it will be viewed by any computer as an image. This ensures that it will not be substituted before the screen printing begins.

3. Always Make Actual Size Artwork
Many screen printing services will offer to alter the size for you to fit the shirts. However, what if the printer thinks that a small logo looks best, while you think that a huge logo, one that covers the whole chest of the shirt, is the only way to go? Do not trust any part of the design to the t-shirt digital printing company. Make the artwork actual size so that there cannot be any mistakes.

4. Vector Artwork is Often the Best Option for Screen Printing
If you want every last detail to be accurate, you should use vector artwork instead of raster. The separations between the colors will be more apparent, which really contributes a lot to the details. If the fine details are not important to your design, using vector artwork may not be as crucial, but why not have the art look as accurate and flawless as possible?

5. Always Expand the Strokes
Expanding the strokes is critical in order to make sure that none of them are overlooked at any point in the process. It is easy to do this if you are already using PMS colors, as discussed above. This alteration just takes a few seconds, but it can really make a big difference and keep the project from being ruined.

6. Use Halftones to Reduce the Cost
If you want to reduce the amount of ink that is used, thereby cutting back on the price of the project, just use halftones for some of your colors. Rather than setting the PMS color at 100 percent, try bringing it back to 50 percent or even 40 percent. It is still possible to get results that look great, but you will not have to pay as much for a large project. This is a quick and easy way to save.

If you read these tips before you upload your art, you will be sure to get good results each time. Your artwork will be accurately reflected on your t-shirts, you will need to do fewer revisions, and the end result will actually come out looking the way that you envisioned it. If this is your first time working with screen printing services, these tips are incredibly important since they allow you to see how the industry functions. Even if you are a veteran, though, they could still help you improve your results.