Many people believe that wall decals are some of the best options for decoration. Part of the reason for this is that they are unique and that they stand out. Part of the reason is that there are so many different varieties, so those who want to use them are always able to find something that they like. However, hanging them up can be difficult for those who have not done it before. Below are some tips that can make this job a lot easier if you are about to begin.




Measure First

You always need to begin by measuring both your wall graphics and the wall itself. This is the best way to center it on the wall. Measure down from the trim, up from the floorboards, and over from the ends of the walls. You can adjust this as you wish, if you do not want it to be perfectly centered, but you need to make sure that you spend some time measuring it with a tape. If you just try to look at it and guess where it should go, the odds of getting it right are very slim.

Work From The Top Down

You should then start with the top of the wall decals and work down. This is the best way to keep from wrinkling the material as it adheres to the wall. If you start from the top and someone else starts from the bottom, you may meet in the middle and find that there is a crease because it was not perfectly flat when you began. This will ruin the whole look of it. Working from the top down means that you can smooth everything out as you go, getting rid of these creases.

Go Slowly

You always need to remember to work slowly when you are dealing with wall graphics. You will be tempted to go quickly so that you can get the job done, but this is not wise. This just leads to mistakes, and these are very hard to get rid of after you have made them. Because of the way that the adhesive material sticks so firmly to the wall and to itself, the mistakes are there to stay. It is worth it to go slowly so that you minimize how many errors you make.

Use A Flat Edge

It can also be wise to use a flat edge, such as that found on a ruler, to smooth the decal out. You can use this instead of simply the edge of your hand. It will make it much smoother, which will cause it to look better because of the way that the light hits it. Do not use a metal ruler, however, unless you are prepared to be very careful during the entire process. The metal may prove to be too hard, and it can even cut through the thin material of the decal itself if you push down too firmly and tip the ruler so that it is sharp.