Using car window decals can the perfect way to advertise your business to customers at a fraction of the price of other forms of advertising. Designing a good car window decals can be a challenging task, but if you follow the useful tips below you are sure to have a good-looking design window decal in no time.


Always Design to the Shape of the Window

Many people run the assumption that their cars windows are perfectly rectangular but this is almost never the case. When you are designing the window decals make sure you take accurate measurements of the surface you are going to apply it to. It is all too common for prints to be made that don’t fit the window perfectly and this can look very unprofessional.

Never Put Text Near the Edge

Even if you have measured your window perfectly there is always the chance that some of it might get clipped off in the installation. This is okay if it is just a small amount of the background color, but if it is the phone number then the whole reason for getting car window decals is lost. It is also a good idea to make sure that your logo is centrally placed so that none of it is clipped off.

Don’t Clutter the Decals

One of the most common problems people experience when designing car window decals is that they include too much information. There is quite a lot of space to cover on a car window so people feel the need to fill it all. Most passing motorists don’t have the opportunity to read all the information so they will just want what is necessary, if it’s not needed don’t include it.

Make the Purpose Clear

When you have car window decals, some of your customers are going to be seeing the car when it’s parked and they will have plenty of time to read it. Most of the time though your car will be in motion and will be being seen by other drivers. Your decals should have clear text describing what you do and how to get in touch with you, for one this will give drivers enough time to read it and secondly it will mean you are being responsible by not distracting other drivers.

Go to a Professional

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend designing a great car decal if you go with a poor quality printer. Cheaper printers might not be able to get the colors exactly as you want them and their application of the window decal might not be perfect. There is nothing that looks more professional than a slanting phone number across the back of your car. You also run the risk that the ink from cheaper printers will start fading from sun exposure.