Vehicle wraps, custom graphic printing

Many people believe that marketing presentations are limited to media such as print, television, and the internet.  While they are of course familiar with billboards and other signs, these sights have become such a mainstay of highways and cityscapes that they are often glanced at once and never thought of again.  In order for marketing to be effective it has to capture the attention and the imagination of the viewer… this is where digital wraps can come into play.

A digital wrap is an image that is printed onto a solid or mesh vinyl sheeting that can then be applied to a building or vehicle in order to change the look of it without the need for painting.  The image features high-resolution digital quality, resulting in a sharpness that couldn’t easily be recreated by paint or airbrushing… this enables the digital wrap to include anything that you might want in the image without having to worry about a loss of quality or clarity that could be caused by standard printing and painting techniques.  Whatever you want represented on your digital wrap will be exactly what the audience you’re reaching out to will see.

Building wraps use a vinyl mesh that appears solid when viewed from the outside but that allows those inside the building to see through it.  This means that a digital building wrap can cover most surfaces of the building without having to cut around windows or block visibility for those inside.  Imagine the effect that this could have on potential customers or a target audience; while it’s easy to ignore the message on billboards or signs, seeing an entire building that has been transformed into a vibrant advertisement or representation of a company’s goals is something that they won’t soon forget.  Best of all, the reaction that many people will have to a digital building wrap is to tell their friends so that they can see it as well.  Every business strives for word-of-mouth advertising, and by using digital wraps on your building you can achieve it with ease.

Digital vehicle wraps work in much the same way, covering the entire body of a vehicle with vinyl sheeting that displays the image that you want the public at large to see.  Corporate logos, promotional information, or any other graphics that you might want to appear on your vehicle can be created with ease in the same high-resolution quality as would appear on digital building wraps.  Vehicle wraps ensure that your fleet vehicles will be noticed in parking lots and in traffic, again giving you valuable word-of-mouth as people tell their families and friends about the car, truck, or van that they saw while driving.  If your business regularly sponsors concerts or other events, a wrapped vehicle can also make your street team much more noticeable and will help you to draw a crowd to your display area.

One of the best things about digital wraps is that they can easily be removed at any point.  Unlike paint applications, you never have to worry about digital wraps leaving a lasting impression on your building or vehicle; they cause no damage and leave no marks behind after they have been removed.  The tough vinyl material of the digital wrap can even help to protect your vehicle or building from the elements as well as scratches and other damage that might occur.  No other marketing option can offer you that sort of protection while making this big of an impact on your target audience.

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