Marketing is an intuitive aspect of business because it requires creativity, integrity and style. Customers enjoy free gift items for participating in sales, events and random offers on the street. Your company is just a step away from learning the benefits of using screen printing to build loyalty and awareness in your area. Everyone wants to receive a free item or maybe purchase one through a school fundraiser.



Bumper Stickers

How many bumper stickers did you see on your way to work today? Bumper stickers are an easy-to-use and durable promotional item you can give to customers from your business. If they really love your products or services, they would not mind slapping a screen printed bumper sticker on the back of their cars. No one really thinks much of the marketing value in bumper stickers, but you can take advantage of the openness customers have to offer a free media placement on their cars.

Baseball and Softball Field Building Banners

Do you support the local high school’s athletic programs? Invest in a banner to list your company’s name, logo, and contact info so game spectators know you’re involved. A simple call to your local high school or middle school can do the trick as long as you make a generous donation to assist in their athletic expenses. Everyone loves a town hero – use a quick, easy screen printing company to help you make your mark.

T-Shirt Giveaways

T-shirts are worn by anyone that receives them. If you invest in screen printing services, you can improve marketing your products because people will wear them around family, friends and strangers that take notice. All you have to do is make a simple T-shirt to give away in schools, businesses or random giveaways in a store contest.

Coffee Mugs for Teachers

Teachers love to drink coffee, but they love to show off new coffee mugs more. Interested in reaching out into the community? Consider screen printing your company’s logo and number on coffee mugs to hand out during the Winter season. You’ll earn the respect of teachers, it’s useful and honestly a great gift for anyone to share with family or friends on a daily basis.

There are so many places to put your screen printed promotional items around town. Just walk outside your door to see the opportunities then consider working with a reputable printing company to get the products in buyers hands. Just imagine the amount of exposure you’ll receive from prospective clients just because you offered a free item during a PTA meeting. How many promotional items are you willing to get in your customer’s hands?