how to fix car graphicsVinyl car graphics are designs that stick on your car. They can be used to decorate and customize your car with a slogan, a special design, or even a logo. Car graphics are normally easy to install. In addition, they are washable and removable.

Although vinyl decor is an amazing thing to have on your car, they do require a lot of maintenance in order to keep them looking brand new. If you are concerned about your car’s appearance, you may need to repair vinyl car graphics and wash the car graphics.

Repairing Peeling Car Vinyl Graphics

If you notice that the vinyl decor on your car is peeling a little, there are certain steps that you can take to fix the peeling car vinyl graphics. You can start by wiping the vinyl decor with a soft rag. You should make sure that you remove any loose dirt from the graphics. This is essential if you want to keep the vinyl from peeling further.

You can use a plastic scraper or even a credit card to press down on the peeling graphic. This should keep most of the vinyl down onto your car.

If there are still parts of the vinyl peeling off the car, you can lift those parts with tweezers. Pull up the parts that no longer have any adhesive. You can use scissors to cut off the part of the graphic that will not stay on your car.

After you have cut off parts of the vinyl, you can smooth down the rest with the plastic scraper or with your credit card.

Washing Your Car Vinyl Graphics

It is important to keep your car clean. However, it may be hard to keep your vinyl decor clean as well. You can begin the process by seeing what types of car wash services are available. If there is not a self-service car wash available, you can go to an auto car wash that offers soft touch washing.

Make sure that the car wash does not use a roller, a high-pressure hose, or a pressure washer on your car. This will damage your vinyl graphics.

If you can find a self-service car wash, you should mix a batch of cleaning liquid. This should contain a gallon of cold water mixed with a half a cup of car wash liquid. Stir this with a rag and take it with you to the car wash. Wash your car gently, rinse it with cold water, and dry it with a chamois.