large format printing servicesLarge format printing is a fantastic way for businesses in any industry and of any size to reach customers in new ways. Proper placement of your corporate promotions can instantly capture the attention of customers that previously felt unreachable through more tightly targeted mediums like print ads and direct mail.



These traditional promotional methods can be effective, but using large format printing to quickly deliver your message from greater distances will give your promotions more scale. So how can you use large format printing to grow your business? Here are seven different ways:

1. Vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps work as a mobile billboard by covering the entire outer body of your vehicle with your brand. Since other cars out on the street look relatively similar, people will feel compelled to give you their attention when a Hummer wrapped with colorful graphics enters their field of vision. If your business has a small fleet, vehicle fleet graphics are also a great way to give your team a cohesive identity as the drive around. The expected life span of this material is about 5 years and can be a cost effective long term advertising solution.

2. Wall graphics. These are also known as wall decals, wall stickers or wall tattoos. Made of vinyl, these are placed on the wall or any smooth surfaced areas for decoration or informational purposes. You can place these materials in commonly visited areas like shopping centers and large offices to give the appearance of a painted wall. The impermanence of wall graphics makes them ideal for seasonal or time-restrictive promotions and having a frequently changing graphic can prevent banner blindness of frequent visitors.

3. Custom Posters. Custom and personalized posters can give your business an edge by taking a traditional print ad and giving it the same promotional real estate as a new movie. Posters are not a new form of large format printing, but the advances in digital format large printing technology have made it possible to print smaller quantities than previously possible so even small business with low budgets can benefit.

4. Floor graphics. Floor graphics are another promotional format ideal for grabbing people’s eyes in wide open areas that get a lot of foot traffic. We naturally scan our field of vision while walking, so even if someone isn’t looking right down, they will notice your large, colorful graphic on the floor. The placement can also provide unique promotional opportunities. For example, a pest control service could make a large floor graphic that resembled an army of ants.

5. Trade show displays and banner stands. The ROI of your trade show experience will all hinge on the traffic delivered to your booth. Replacing the standard cloth curtains with fresh, high-quality graphics on your booth and banner stands will play an instrumental role in driving booth traffic. The addition of large, nicely printed trade show exhibit graphics will also help busy attendees quickly understand who your business is and what you do.

6. Window Graphics. Window graphics can help you make sure you’re getting the most promotional value out of your storefront or building. Window graphics are normally used to promote sales and special events, but have an alternative purpose as a way to shade the inside of your store and offer privacy. If you frequently use posters outside your business, window graphics can be a more durable, long-term solution.

7. Car magnets. Like vehicle wraps, magnetic signs on your car or fleet allow potential customers to see your business anywhere your car goes. However, unlike vehicle wraps, magnetic signs are more versatile and can be removed if you want to use your car for personal purposes or if you have employees making short trips around town in their own cars. These are highly durable and can still be customized into a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.