In today’s business environment, the point between success and failure can be razor thin. The only way to get ahead in a crowded market is to get your message out. With diminishing returns from most kinds of advertising, some businesses may be looking for something new.


One good alternative is to utilize large format printing. Below are four ways businesses can implement large format printing to successfully advertise their products and services.

1. Large Format Banners

One thing a business can purchase from a large format printing company is a large format banner. Usually, banners are kind of ugly. They tend to be limited to only certain kinds of simple fonts and graphics.

However, thanks to improvements in the printing technology that large format printers use, these options are greatly expanded. This includes higher resolution text and graphics, more eye-popping colors and an almost limitless choices for different fonts and graphics. This can certainly give a business an advantage over those that use much more mundane looking signs and banners.

2. Building Wraps

However, the options for advertising with large format printing don’t end with banners. Such printing companies also have the ability to print on vinyl material that can be stretched over large objects. This even includes entire buildings.

Utilizing building wraps with large format printing can create a striking image that is sure catch the attention of motorists and pedestrians. Thanks to the improved printing technology, nearly anything can be printed onto such a building wrap in intricate detail. It is certainly a cutting edge means of advertising that only a few years ago was not available.

3. Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl wraps, however, are not limited to only buildings. They can also be placed onto any car or truck. Hummer wraps are even available. There are certain advantages to using a vehicle with large format printing for advertising.

First, such a vehicle with eye-popping graphics and text is likely to stand out like a sore thumb on the road. Second, the vehicle can be driven to wherever a company wishes to advertise. Signs and other physical advertising methods certainly do not have this ability.

4. Floor Graphics

Most businesses choose to only advertise on walls, on signs, in magazines and so forth. One place that is very often ignored is what is beneath the feet of the pedestrians that see these other advertisements. Large format printing allows businesses to create floor graphics that can be placed on the ground. This can include the floor of a mall, the floor of a subway car, a sidewalk or nearly anywhere else people walk. Floor graphics can be intricate and colorful. They will certainly grab the attention of anyone that walks over them.