Wrapping Vehicles with Potential

Movie Marketing Expedition Wrap

Our vehicle wraps make a point!

Are you running out of ways to market yourself? Does it seem like the competition is too strong nowadays to use older and more traditional methods? Break free of marketing tied down to a specific location and go mobile with an advertising vehicle or car wrap from Cliff Digital! We even guarantee our work in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the materials used. Call 1.866.429.2242 and let us know what you have in mind!

Benefits of Car Wrap Advertising

Expedition wrap movie advertising

This movie's marketing really moves people.

The benefits of advertising on your car are practically limitless. In this competitive and advertisement saturated market, cost per impression (the approximate amount it costs for one person to look at the ad) gets expensive in other types of advertising. Billboards and building wraps are limited and expensive. Advertising on TV, print and even pay-per-click campaigns are extremely expensive because you pay for a specific amount of exposure.

Event advertising car wrap on a PT Cruiser

This PT Cruiser is taking a website for a ride.

With a vehicle wrap advertisement – even a simple hood wrap or car door sign magnet has the potential of obtaining hundreds to thousands of impressions a day depending on the area. Cliff Digital car wraps get your message across with eye-level and eye-catching graphics which work for you when you are driving to and from your business or clients/customers.

Advertising Options

Rainbow Car wrapped Ferrari

Is there a golden market at the end of your rainbow?

With specially preforated vinyl called “window perf” we can now print and apply graphics to the entire window surface of your vehicle without limiting your vision. That means advertising directly in your potential market’s line of sight without restricting yours!

Looking for subtle advertising or wrapping your car for a car show? Our beautiful stealthy black matte vinyl is the latest look for our non-printed wraps, but pedals down… the richly vivid eye-catching graphics of a printed wrap can set you apart from the competition!

Car Wrap wood Pt Cruiser

Wood you like a car wrap that works?