A Wall Buddy is a perfect way to show your friends and family what means a lot to you. With any photo or anything else you can imagine, we’ll produce a wonderful work of art ready to place on your wall! We can even mount them into a standee to make free standing lifesized characters and people.

A Wall Buddy can easily be removed and moved which makes them perfect for wedding decorations, superbowl parties, birthdays, teacher’s classrooms, teen or children’s rooms, a baby nursery, offices, dorms, businesses and so much more!

Impress your BFF or Favorite Guy or Gal with a Wall Buddy!

We make a lifesize picture of anything look real!

Make your Wall Buddy stand up on its own!

We can mount your Wall Buddy to a stand!

Decorate your classroom or learning center with Wall Buddies!

Make your classroom come alive with people, creatures or characters!

Decorate your kids room with Wall Buddies!

Wall Buddies make great themed kids rooms!

Wall Buddies make birthday parties come to life!

Impress your party guests with life sized wall buddies!

Put a life-sized sports player or the whole Little League on your wall!

Wall Buddies show your support for your favorite team or player!

Wall Buddy decorations will impress your clients or customers!

Decorate your Dorm, Office or Business with Wall Buddies!

Make your Wall Buddy non-skid and put it on the floor or carpet!

Wall buddies are not just for walls! Meet our Floor Buddy!