vehicle printingLegal Requirements for Vinyl Lettering

There are two main reasons that business owners order vinyl lettering for their commercial vehicles: promotion and adherence to legal requirements. Regardless of which of these two reasons is your main motivation for buying vehicle lettering, it’s a good idea to design your lettering so that it not only meets the legal requirements, but also helps promote your business and bring you need customers.

The legal requirements for lettering on commercial vehicles vary depending on where your vehicle is registered, but in most areas there are some minimum requirements you must adhere to. For example, your company name, city, and state may need to be a certain minimum size. You can get an expensive ticket if your lettering is not in compliance with the law, so be very careful to ensure that you check the requirements before ordering. Most sign shops know what the law requires, but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure you have it right, not theirs.

Promotional Benefits of Vinyl Lettering

In addition to fulfilling the legal requirements, there are promotional benefits to having vinyl lettering on your commercial vehicles. Many times, people will call the phone number on a vehicle to get more information right from their cars, so above all else, make sure you include a phone number.

Your vinyl lettering can also be used for branding purposes. It is best to use a logo in your design to accomplish this purpose. The colors that you use can also be important. Your design should be bold enough to catch people’s attention, and your message should be short enough that they can catch it in the few seconds they have to read it while passing in traffic.

To use a real-life example, “Two Men and a Truck” is a company name that also doubles as a slogan. When you read this, you immediately have a very good idea of what the company does, and the slogan is catchy enough to stick in your head. If you have a catchy slogan like this, your potential customer can type it into a search engine when they get home and find your company, even if they didn’t catch the phone number.

Vinyl lettering can be an effective way to advertise your business, so don’t scrimp when you are buying lettering for your commercial vehicles. If you take care to design vinyl lettering that will catch your prospects’ attention, it is an investment that will pay for itself many times over in the amount of new business it brings in to your company.