If you want to use magnetic signs, you need to know how to use them in many different ways. These are very versatile, so you will be happy to know that you have a lot of different options. You should consider them all when you are putting your signs together. Some of the options listed below may not work for you, but you will be sure to find some that will if you read through them all.

1. Hand Them Out For Free

If you have made small enough signs, you can hand them out for free when people come into your store. Some people will then take them home and hang them on the refrigerator, where they will be visible all of the time. The point of these is not to sell products right away, but just to make sure that your company’s name is the first thing that people think of when they decide that they do want to make a purchase. This is one great way to promote your business with advertising.

2. Give Them To Your Employees

This might sound like it will not work since your employees already know about your company, but you need to remember all of the people who will come over to their homes. If they see these around, they will then recognize your logo or your name when they see your products elsewhere. You can build awareness in this way without telling your employees that they need to pitch products to their friends and family members. It will happen automatically.

3. Combine Them With Other Items

Some magnetic signs are small enough that they can be used to hang other items on a refrigerator or a magnetic wall, so you can give them away with things like posters or calenders. People will want to hang these things up anyway, and it will be very convenient for them to use your signs when they get home. They will not stop to look for anything else, and the odds will be better that they will use them with something else that they find useful.

4. Advertise Within The Store

You can also use these, of course, within your own store. If you print them with the names of products on them, it will not be hard to move all of the signs whenever you decide to rearrange the products. This makes changing the layout of your store something that you can do with little effort. This will also keep you from producing nearly so much waste since you will not have to throw all of the old material away in order to print new material for the new locations. You will need to make sure that your store has enough metal surfaces to make this practical.