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Our Vehicle wrapping team is dedicated in producing the best quality of work and ensuring the utmost care of your vehicle. To speak with a Vehicle Wrapping expert personally, please call anytime between the hours of 7am and 6pm on weekdays so that we may assist you in making your ideas mobile!

Have a fleet of cars to wrap? Cliff Digital specializes in wrapping fleets. We have wrapped many shuttles, work vans or company cars for hospitals, universities and corporations.

What are Vehicle Wraps?

vehiclewrap1Vehicle wraps are plain or large format print dye-cut colored vinyl that is applied to the surface of cars, trucks, buses, limos, shuttles – even golf carts, smart cars and sand rails. Vehicle wraps are “wrapped” around the sections of most vehicle surfaces such as glass, metal, plexiglass, fiberglass, wood with a mild heat.

First, our vehicle wrap graphic designers create the image or images digitally on the computer with a template matching the vehicle. Next, the design is printed onto a sheet of vehicle-wrapping vinyl with digital machines. Finally, the vinyl graphics are laminated, cut out and placed on the vehicle side by side to create a seamless graphic image. Click here to learn more about the vinyl car wrapping process.

Vehicle Wrap Design

vehiclewrap2At Cliff Digital of Los Angeles, CA, we can either follow your design exactly or custom fit your ideas to your vehicle. We cater to businesses that demand high quality designs and full-color digitally printed graphics on vinyl that produce striking permanent or temporary signs for your vehicle.

In addition to our vehicle wraps, we also offer cut vinyl lettering, cut vinyl vehicle graphics and vinyl car stripes in our cut vinyl car section. We can also combine cut vinyl and printed vinyl decals or graphics to create that custom look you are after. Need more vehicle graphics or car wrap design examples? Click here to view our vehicle wraps gallery.

Types of Vehicle Wraps

Full Vehicle Wraps

dslsmallFull vehicle wraps cover the entire vehicle with a vehicle wrap graphic or you can choose a plain vehicle wrap with no graphics. Most vehicle wrap graphics may include see through window graphics or “window perf”. This gives a unique seemless look to a graphic and extends your advertising or usability space on your car, truck or fleet without obstructing your vision. Full vehicle wraps can give you up to 5 way directional advertising which maximizes your advertising power! Full vinyl car wraps also serve as a car protector or even give you the ability to temporarily change a your car’s color!

Partial Car Wraps

tpl_slideshow_vinyl-car-wraps-04Partial vehicle wraps usually cover an entire portion of the vehicle like the hood or car side graphics. Partial car wraps are also perfect for those in search of a more understated way to advertise their business or personalize their vehicle.

Partial wraps are popular with those interested in car show reproductions or car graphics (car accent graphics). Partial wraps can give you a showroom look instantly by covering flaws in your vehicle’s paint job and gives your car or truck a new look instantly.

Window Graphics

mrantglassscapeRear see through window graphics or window perf used to be found commonly on the rear window of a pickup truck. These see-through vinyl graphics were usually photo-realistic scenery called glassscapes. Advertisers now use window perf because they understand that advertising at eye level for most drivers is the ideal place to get your message across!

Window perf or see-through window graphics are now incorporated into full wrap designs for that seemless look.

Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Vehicle wrap or graphics advertising is an extremely cost effective form of mobile advertising. This is why getting an advertising wrap on your vehicles or company fleet is becoming one of the best ways to advertise your business or product. Vehicle advertising wraps usually pay for themselves several times over by the time they expire which makes vehicle advertising one of the cheapest methods of advertising with the best results.

Advertising on Cars

subwayscionVehicle wrap ads practically guarantees you high exposure at a low cost per impression. According to the American Trucking Association, an average delivery truck makes 16 million visual impressions a year!

Vehicle wraps (car wraps) advertising have been so popular that companies are now paying people drive wraps even giving away cars for free! Learn how you can get paid to drive wrapped cars or get a wrapped car for free!

Looking for taxi advertisements, bus shelter or bench ads? Please see our large format printing section for more details on another great form of on-the-road advertising called transit advertising!

The Benefits of Mobile Marketing

verbrvIn mobile marketing, there is no danger of your message being lost because of channel surfing or readers skipping the classified ads. Considering that a car wrap lasts several years, you would be reaching out to millions of potential customers at a fraction of the cost of a television commercial or print ad in a high circulation daily. Think of it like a mobile billboard that is constantly generating business!

From a single car to a large fleet, every business mile you drive has the potential to help build your brand and make a long lasting impression on your potential customers.

Car Wraps are Creative Advertising

piolinbusVehicle wraps and graphics offer a variety of creative solutions. Cars, Shuttles, Buses and Trucks can be completely wrapped or partially wrapped with a combination of decals and lettering still getting the results you need for advertising your business. We have offered creative solutions designing to your budgets to get the best results for your money.

The advantage of full color vinyl decals means that you can apply photographs and high impact images to your shuttles, buses, cars, vans, trucks and trailers to make them work even harder for your business.

Advantages of Vehicle Wrap Advertising


  • Raises company profile and reinforces identity
  • Promotes your company day and night
  • Reaches a wider audience than traditional newspaper and TV advertising
  • Revitalizes the appearance of aging vehicles
  • Protects the vehicle paintwork against stone chips and minor abrasions
  • Increases possibility of obtaining more work
  • Deters vehicle theft with a prominent high color design
  • Creates the image of credibility and professionalism
  • Distinquishs your company from others

Uses for Vehicle Wraps


  • Produce cost effective mobile advertising
  • Create a brand identity
  • Restore specialty cars
  • Aids in unifing a company fleet
  • Creates Showroom quality appearances
  • Produces a unique or personalized car
  • Reproduce a Specialty Car
  • Promote an Event