vehicle wrap

A vehicle wrap is a unique and eye catching way in which to capture the interest of potential customers. As marketing strategies go, it is relatively cheap, and requires very little long-term investment in terms of time or other resources. However, like any service, it is important to remember a few key points when choosing a provider.

1. Clarity. When approaching a provider, it is important to have a clear, concise artistic vision in mind that can be easily explained to company proving the service. Once this image has been explained, the customer service representative should be able to clearly and quickly reciprocate the explanation and description. The more leeway that an artist is given, the more likely they are to apply an artistic vision out of line with marketing expectations and corporate image.

2. Materials. Is the company performing the vehicle wrap using the highest quality, certified materials, or are they attempting to increase profit margins by using discount level materials while charging premium prices? Are they laminating the perforated window vinyl? Are they using liquid laminate or are they investing in the higher quality, higher cost film based laminate? As with any process the more you know about the physical process the easier it will be to convey quality expectations.

3. Certification. Every aspect of the car modification industry is inundated with amateurs and aspiring business owners. However, basic knowledge and a rented garage do not a reliable service provider make. When selecting a provider it is important to check for several levels of certification. First, is the individual licensed with local business agencies? This certification will protect the consumer in the result of a dispute over any aspect of the performed service. Second, is their some form of professional level licensing from 3M, or an equivalent level training provider? This certification will ensure not only initial quality, but a longer product lifespan.

4. Work Samples. Though many aspect of the process are homogenized, every artist in the world has his or her own personal style and vision. Viewing previous work samples provides a better understand of how the artist is going to approach the gray areas in product description. Viewing previous samples is an extremely simple way to ensure that you will not be unhappy if the artist applies their vision in an unexpected or creative way.

Finally, remember that at the end of the day, you are the customer, and you should be completely satisfied during every step of the process. Given the permanent nature of the procedure, it is important that you feel comfortable with the work being performed at any given stage in the process. If you have any misgivings, they are better expressed at the start, or middle stages of the process then while viewing the finished product.