Digital Print T-ShirtsHas there ever been anything that you wanted printed on a shirt but were told that it couldn’t be done. With the new technology of digital direct printing onto t-shirts it allows the printers the ability to print images directly onto the shirt from an image file or full color designs.

With advances being made all the time in this process, it is now easy for printing companies to make your ideal t-shirt just the way that you want. T-shirts can be created using your own artwork, photos or company logos. The images created are realistic and printed without the use of heat or heat transfers. This process allows your design to last longer than other processes used.

The process of direct to garment digital printing allows for faster production, and less errors being made through the printing process. The designs being produced are of a higher quality and resolution than typical screen printing items.

Companies will find this technique beneficial to promote their business, as free gifts or promotional items. The company logo or ongoing campaign can be reproduced using vibrant colors and will be long lasting. Aspiring artists might find this beneficial in getting their artwork noticed, or small bands who want to draw attention to their name.

This is the ideal way to use t-shirts to your advantage in advertising, who doesn’t love to receive a free shirt when they open a new account or purchase an item from your company. It will help draw attention to your brand or promotion your company is currently running.

Making t-shirts using photographs would be a great gift for anyone. People who are planning a family reunion would find this to be very useful in providing members of the family with a keepsake of the occasion or to help those relatives who you don’t see on a regular basis remember your name.

The possibilities for using this type or printing process are endless. It can be used in many ways and by almost anyone who is looking to permanently make a statement, show off your child’s drawing or your favorite pet. It allows for customers to personalize the t-shirt in any possible way they can imagine.

This process will be helpful to anyone looking for that different style of personalization from promoting a service to making gifts for a family reunion. It is a specialized process that provides the high quality people are looking for when ordering these specialized items.