building advertising tipsBusinesses typically put a lot of time and money into creating many signs, building advertising banners, and car decals. They do this because they need to spread the word about their companies and sell more products. This makes perfect sense, and you have probably done the same thing if you own a business. The question, then, is how you know if your advertising is not working. The following warning signs will give you a hint that something is wrong with your work and that you need to act quickly to save your company.

1. You Are Selling Less
If you being selling less products after an ad campaign, with car decals, large format banners, or anything else, something is wrong. You might have made people angry. You need to check to make sure that your ads are not offensive.

2. Less People are Coming to the Store
This probably means that your ads are not representing your company very well. It could mean that people do not understand what you sell, so they are not bothering to come in.

3. More People Seem Confused
This probably means that you are representing your company incorrectly. People are coming in to the store thinking that you sell what they need, and then they cannot find it because it is not there.

4. You Get More Returns
In the same way, this could mean that people thought they were buying something that was different than it turned out to be. When they discovered the truth, they returned the product. Make sure that all of your ads and banners are accurate.

5. You Are Spending More on Advertising Than You Take In
This is the last thing that you want. If you are paying out more than you take in, your company will go broke. You should always get more back than you put in.

6. Polls Indicate That People Do Not Recognize You
If you conduct polls and most people do not know who you are, then your attempt to brand yourself has not worked. You are either not getting people’s attention or they are not able to figure out what your company is after viewing the ads.

7. You Get More Complaints
This goes back to people not understanding just what you sell. When they find out after they make a purchase, they could call back and complain.

8. You Have Few Repeat Customers
Some people, on the other hand, do not want to take the time to complain or return the item. If they do not come back, however, this could indicate the same thing.

9. In General, Nothing Changes
You should see positive gains. If nothing changes, your ads are not working.