Cliff Digital is proud to offer another great design idea – WallScapes (large realistic photo wall pictures)! WallScapes are photos of landscapes and scenery that printed on large format adhesive backed vinyl and put up on a wall for a realistic looking illusion!

Large Format Wall Photo

Sometimes the copy room is the best place to get away.

WallScapes (wall photos or wall pictures) create beautiful exhibit rooms in museums, reinvent a summer room or the office cafeteria! The best thing about WallScapes or wall graphics is that they can be removed without damaging the paint on the wall. Wall graphics usually come in large sections which are then applied to the wall with a squeegee.

Waterfall Wallscape

Create a perfect room retreat with WallScapes

WallScapes are commonly used for themed classrooms and children’s bedrooms because young people love to let their imagination run wild with the look of realistic looking wall art. Inspiration and imagination are two things that wall decor creates most!